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7. “His strong neck muscles saved his life” – Davey Boy Smith Jr. On Tyson Kidd

During a recent interview on The Hannibal TV, former WWE Superstar Davey Boy Smith Jr. discussed Tyson Kidd’ major neck injury and how Tyson’s strong neck muscles saved his life. Below is what Davey said:

“So his – one of the things, and we can go back to talking about the training with Tokyo Joe, I mean we endured some hardcore s***. One thing that saved him with this neck injury was that they said his neck muscles they said were so strong that literally when the break – not to say the explosion happened, the only thing that was holding his head – his spine, his head, and his neck together were his muscles that were so strong. When they initially did the MRI and everything they were just like ‘Whoah. Don’t move, don’t sneeze, we’re gonna airlift you from here all the way back to Tampa. We need to do surgery,’ And I think it was comparable to the Christopher Reeves neck injury which left him – you know, a vegetable basically. For him to survive that basically, they said that very few chance of people that survive it and don’t die wind up in a wheelchair and they’re completely paralyzed. They compared it to somebody hanging off of a cliff by their pinky.

For him to have survived that, that’s a testimate to him and to the training we endured as his neck muscles were that strong to hold everything together. He’s doing good, I was just down there earlier last month and he’s training. I actually introduced him to an awesome massage therapist named Jason Cairo. These guys are awesome massage guys and the range of motion in his neck has already – night and day compared to what it was before.

Is that to say he’s ever going to wrestle again? I don’t know. I don’t think so. That’s not because of him but there’s a lot of risks if something happens or if he lands wrong and he becomes basically a vegetable. And WWE, to their credit, they’re pretty good with keeping things with their rules nowadays, protecting talent and stuff like that. Daniel Bryan, or Bryan Danielson, he’s another example of they won’t let him back into the ring. I’m sure if he was wrestling safe every night and only wrestling sometimes, he could probably pull it off but let’s say someone hits him acci- this isn’t ballet. Somebody hits him or he lands wrong, and his concussion thing comes back and it becomes exponential or his neck injury or something. That’s kind of the risk they’re looking at. It’s tough to say, I wish he could come back, but for the sake of his health, I don’t think he’s going to.”

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