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Booker T Wants To See Attitude Era Legend Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

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Below are some top WWE news stories of the day, involving Booker T and Shawn Michaels.

• On a recent episode of his weekly ‘Hall of Fame’ podcast, Booker T reminisced about this year’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony during WrestleMania 40 weekend. He highlighted reconnecting with former wrestlers, notably Ken Shamrock.

The 5-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion expressed admiration for Shamrock’s contributions during the Attitude Era, lamenting that he didn’t receive the recognition he deserved. Booker emphasized Shamrock’s transition from MMA to wrestling and stressed the importance of honoring those who love the sport, citing Bad Bunny’s recent involvement.

Although their conversation at the ceremony didn’t delve deeply into wrestling or MMA, Booker expressed hope for Shamrock’s future Hall of Fame induction. He cherished the opportunity to reconnect and looks forward to seeing ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’ rightfully honored in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Speaking of Shamrock, he recently signed a WWE Legends contract.

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• Before NXT Stand and Deliver 2024, WWF Legend Shawn Michaels took a trip down memory lane with Carmelo Hayes, Trick Williams and Roxanne Perez on WWE’s YouTube channel. Together, they revisited some of Michaels’ iconic WrestleMania matches against Kurt Angle, Diesel, and John Cena.

During the session, Shawn highlighted Kurt Angle’s often overlooked attention to detail, praising the Olympic Gold Medalist for his commitment to making every move count in the ring. Michaels emphasized the importance of fearlessness in wrestling, urging the NXT stars to focus on making each other’s performances shine.

Here’s what HBK said about our 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist:

“Probably a guy that doesn’t get as much credit as he should for attention to detail; he looks like a scary son of a gun when he wants to go. That’s where I guess I always say with you guys, you got to go out there and not be afraid to just don’t have any inhibitions inside you, just go out there trying to make each other’s stuff look the best.”

Reflecting on his WrestleMania showdown with Angle, The Heartbreak Kid admitted to feeling immense pressure due to the high expectations surrounding the match. Despite the stress, Shawn and Kurt delivered a performance that lived up to the hype, showcasing their chemistry and talent.

In addition to discussing his match with Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels also revisited his WrestleMania 23 bout against Cena with Trick Williams, offering insights to prepare him for his match against Carmelo Hayes at Stand and Deliver, where Williams emerged victorious.

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