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Braun Strowman Sends A Message To Brock Lesnar After Money In The Bank 2018 Win

Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman - WWE Universal Championship Match

• Eric Bischoff Comments On Bret Hart Saying Bischoff Didn’t Create Talent – Says Bret Doesn’t Know Pro-Wrestling Business

During a recent edition of 83 Weeks podcast, former WCW President Eric Bischoff talked about Bret Hart’s tenure in WCW being a failure, Bret’s comments about Bischoff not creating talent and more.

Below are the highlights:

On Bret’s tenure in WCW being a failure:

“I think it all goes back to the very beginning. I think it is fair for Bret Hart and fans of Bret Hart to suggest that there was never really a long term plan with Bret. That is fair. Bret came in rather abruptly. We didn’t have a long time to really lay out in a thoughtful way where we can balance different options and really creatively do the best job that we can do. Even with the time that we had, we didn’t do a great job.

I didn’t do a great job, so I think if you go back to the very beginning with all the things that were going on; with the pressures of WCW Thunder and some of the choices I was trying to make, and the pressures were we getting from WWE, and the pressure we were getting from our own company, and the fact that they were gutting our budget, all of those things were throwing us off of our game, and a lot of that had to do with the reason why, so we didn’t have a good plan, we just didn’t, and that is fair for Bret, and for fans of Bret, but I will also say that Bret Hart didn’t contribute.

He didn’t try. Despite the ‘hero’s journey’ and the amazingly, Steven Spielberg-ish where he single handedly, against all odds created in Toronto, Canada so that his fans, the multitude of fans, who stood outside in the freezing cold as Bret Hart had to walk over the almost comatose body of the head booker only to prevail in the ring and to prove to all of the bookers and to everybody else that Bret Hart had the keys to the kingdom that night, but despite all of that, Bret Hart didn’t really contribute as much as Bret Hart could have contributed to Bret Hart’s own success. In his own legacy.

Right now, Bret Hart’s legacy is a bitter, broken guy who wants to blame everybody from Vince McMahon to Eric Bischoff, to Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, to Dean Malenko for God’s sake for all of the things that went wrong in his career. Regardless of all the things I did wrong, that is on Bret Hart.”

On Bret’s comments about Eric Bischoff not creating talent:

“Yeah, I’m sure the next time you go to a Wrestlecon, or maybe even the ‘All In’ event. I am sure if you see Scott Hall and Kevin Nash signing autographs, I am sure Scott Hall is wearing a Razor Ramon gimmick. I am sure Kevin Nash is going as Diesel, right? Wrong! They are still more over today because of what I did for them. I made them bigger stars in WCW than they ever were in WWF. If you don’t believe me just go check it out next time you see them at autograph signings.

They are still wearing their nWo s**t. By the way, our shirts are still selling over at WWE Shop. Oh, by the way, Booker T, that guy in WCW, who is still associated with WWE, and Bill Goldberg, who was just inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, all of those guys who suffered at Eric Bischoff’s hands, whose careers just died in the wasteland at Eric Bischoff’s understanding of the Pro Wrestling business as Bret freaking Hart knows it. Those guys are still making money.

I kind of say to Bret, just look around you Bret. Pull yourself out of the mushroom that you live under. Look for a little daylight, and look around you to see that you are kind of full of s**t. You really don’t know what you are talking about because you weren’t inside of Turner Broadcasting. You weren’t inside of the machine that was going on at the time where Ted Turner was literally pulling the carpet from underneath me and didn’t know it until I was asked to leave my own office.

Bret Hart, you don’t really understand the business of the Pro Wrestling business, you only understand the Bret Hart business of the Pro Wrestling business, and they are two different things.”

• Braun Strowman Sends A Message To Brock Lesnar After Money In The Bank 2018 Win

As we saw last night, “The Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman won the Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder match and now has the opportunity to cash-in for a Universal Championship anytime, anywhere for the next one year.

During a backstage interview at Money In The Bank 2018, Strowman was asked what’s next for him. Strowman said the following:

“You and every other single person in the WWE Universe know what’s next. Two words: Brock Lesnar!”

Strowman then sent the following message to the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar on Twitter:

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