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Chavo Guerrero Recalls Eddie Guerrero Dying In His Arms 18 Years Ago Today

Eddie Guerrero Chavo Guerrero

Former WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero passed away 18 years ago today.

In this flashback article, we take a look at an old conversation between Chavo Guerrero & Chris Jericho, where Chavo gave details about Eddie’s death.

You can read their conversation below:

Jericho: It’s like you said – he had so many issues over the years with alcohol and with pills and stuff and you know I was in the dressing room when they carted him out and took him straight to rehab in Minneapolis when I fell asleep but finally he had gotten over that at least as far as I knew. I mean he seemed like he was pretty legit clean and sober.

Chavo: Four years sober.

Jericho: And then he passed away from enlarged heart.

Chavo: Heart failure at 38 years old.

Jericho: Do you think that’s because of all the drugs that caught up to him?

Chavo: Absolutely. They say you know because of the…you’ve seen it time and time again in this business. The worst drugs and I don’t care what they are, it’s not steroids, it’s not alcohol, it’s not cocaine, it’s not marijuana – the worst things are the pills.

Everybody that we know they’ve died has been from those pills. It’s a quick release, we’re hurt and it’s easy for us to justify using that because if anybody needs them, we need them.

We need Vicodin, we need this but then it’s so easy to start abusing that stuff and that’s where you know that was Eddie’s vice.

So you know, he fought every day to stay off those, he really did. But they say with vicodins and somas and all that stuff was that it gives a lot of scar tissue on your heart because you abuse them so much and we’ve seen it with Umaga and so many different people who died from heart failure and heart troubles because of pills.

So that’s kind of what happened to him and story really he and I were flying to Minneapolis. We’re all home and this is the first day of the tour and we’re going to Europe.

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