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Chelsea Green Recalls Having To Remove All Her Clothes In Front Of The WWE Locker Room

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Chelsea Green made her WWE SmackDown debut on November 13, 2020. She competed in a Fatal 4-Way Survivor Series qualifying match and lost.

Green was scheduled to win this match, but she broke her wrist during this match (an injury she suffered during her days in WWE’s NXT brand as well), so the finish had to be changed.

During an episode of her ‘Green with Envy’ podcast, Chelsea revealed that she doesn’t wear underwear and had to remove all of her clothes in front of all the women in the WWE locker room after this injury.

Here’s the full story:

“I broke my arm. So let’s skip past that part and let’s go to the part where I am in the locker room, in the SmackDown locker room at WWE, and I’m in gear, and my arm is snapped in half.

I needed to get changed out of my ring gear before I headed to the hospital. Could I have gone to the hospital in my ring gear? Yes, I’ve already done it before. No big deal, but the fish nets on me and my boots and everything. It’s just tight. It’s uncomfortable. I know how long I’m going to be in the ER for, it’s not my first rodeo. So I wanted pants on, you know, sue me, I wanted some pants on.

Now one thing that you should learn about me is that I don’t wear underwear. I don’t care if it’s wrestling gear, workout gear, jeans, a dress. I don’t like wearing f**king underwear. Sue me, okay. I would rather go commando. I would rather feel the breeze.

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I’ve always been this way. My friends know it, my family knows it, Matt [Cardona] knows it, and now, well, the locker room knows it. You see where I’m going from here.

I come back to the locker room and my girl, Jess McKay, also known as, or formerly known as Billie Kay, is by my side holding my hand, opening up my bag, getting my pants, getting my T-shirt and getting me ready to go to the hospital. I realize in this moment, oh sh*t, I’m not wearing underwear and the entire locker room is standing around me, basically in a semicircle, trying to figure out how they can help undress me.

Okay, normally that’d be okay, like t*ts out. That’s fine, right, that’s fine. But sweaty post-match vag out, I don’t know that that’s something that these women needed. So I say to them, can you get my pants and my shirt and my bra and all that stuff out of my bag, and let me just go pee.

So, they do and I go pee. I’ve got, you know, my broken arm and I take off my gear. I managed to do that all by myself. But Jess is holding my pants. After I finished taking off my tights and everything, the girls had taken off my boots.

I think like Bayley and Bianca [Belair], they’re amazing, they had taken off my boots and my sweaty socks and my knee pads, and it’s gross and not something I ever want anyone to have to do, but they did it.

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