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Chris Jericho Confirms That Hulk Hogan Was Always A Great Worker (Proof)

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• Chris Jericho Confirms That Hulk Hogan Was Always A Great Worker (Proof)

It’s a very common mistake among wrestling fans (especially on the Internet) nowadays to falsely assume that “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan ‘is not a good worker’ or ‘can’t wrestle’, but nothing is further from the truth.

Terry Bollea first broke into the professional wrestling business by going through the rough training of Hiro Matsuda, who didn’t go easy on the big guy and even broke his leg during Terry’s first training session.

He did know all the moves, holds and high spots there and certainly had an alright move-set for a man of his size.

Was Hulk the greatest technical wrestler or the greatest pure wrestler of all time? Of course not, but he could wrestle such styles, which – if you need actual confirmation – you can see by watching his 1981-1993 matches from Japan.

But as THE single greatest business man out of all wrestlers ever, Hogan very well knew that a technical style would not draw him any money in the United States (… just ask Dean Malenko).

Most of the biggest draws in pro wrestling history only had a small move-set of a few signature moves they were showing in a match, and during the rest of the match they were selling & entertaining the fans with ring psychology, crowd work & storytelling (3 ‘lost arts’ nowadays).

The Hulkster knew that would be the style he would need to work in North America to become one of the biggest draws in history. Mission accomplished!

When former Jakks Pacific (former WWE figure company) toymaker Jeremy Padawer went to Twitter and posted a Hulk Hogan vs. Tenryu match clip from Japan, Chris Jericho replied with the following Tweet of his own:

“Wow that’s amazing!! Hulk Hogan was a great worker at all times.”

You can watch the proof of Hogan’s technical wrestling skills below:

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