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Chris Jericho Fires Back At Eric Bischoff For Comments About AEW

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• Chris Jericho Fires Back At Eric Bischoff For Comments About AEW

As we noted in our previous article, Eric Bischoff talked about how WWE SmackDown kicked AEW Rampage’s a$$ on Friday night despite being on FS1, AEW not being anywhere close to WWE in terms of revenue & more (tap here to read the full story).

Bischoff also gave Khan the following advice:

“If Tony [Khan] were to call me and ask for any advice, here’s what it would be — shut up and wrestle, dude. Just put out the best product you can and you’ve proven you can. Focus on that.

Now this is weird coming from me, right? The guy who challenged Vince McMahon. The guy who gave away their finishes. But here’s the difference. I was actually competing with him. I was going head-to-head. Real head-to-head. Like, my show started the same time his show started each and every week.

And another thing, Tony comes out and says, ‘We’re at the 1996 stage of WCW and going to not make their mistakes.’ Tony, you’re inventing some mistakes, brother. By coming out there and constantly comparing yourself or deriding your competition, but not having the willingness — I almost said balls — the willingness to say, ‘Okay, let’s go head-to-head. Let’s really compete. Let’s see who can get whose market share.’ That’s real competition.

So, I’m a little disappointed in the rhetoric that I’m hearing out of Tony, as well as some of the talent. Man, shut the f**k up. Until you’re actually competing and you’re actually competing favorably — and by the way, Tony, in 1996 I was kicking WWE’s a$$. Every week! In a real head-to-head competition, not a cosplay competition.”

Former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho tweeting the following to Bischoff after hearing his comments:

“Not sure what a ‘cosplay competition’ is Eric, but @WWE market share has definitely been decreased by @AEW.

To the point whenever they forced themselves into ‘real head to head competition’ w us (most recently last Fri) they lost. I’m gonna shut the f**k up now & keep wrestling.”

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On this day in Pro Wrestling history on October 22, 1987, Fritz Von Erich’s World Class Championship Wrestling aired an episode of their weekly TV Show.

The show featured pre-taped matches, interviews & storyline segments featuring several WCCW Superstars.

Here’s the match-card:

1. Ted Arcidi vs Billy Burt

2. Mil Mascaras vs Al Madril (Texas Stadium)

3. Kevin Von Erich vs Frankie Lancaster

4. Kevin Von Erich/Al Madril contract signing for Cotton Bowl

5. The Iron Sheik vs Al Madril

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