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Cody Rhodes’ Old Comments About Drew Gulak Resurface

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As we noted in our previous article, latest reports suggest that Drew Gulak was a backstage bully in WWE NXT and intentionally injured his opponents.

Insights gleaned from conversations with Fightful‘s Corey Brennan unveil troubling testimonies from several NXT talents.

Allegations depict Gulak as a ‘bully’ who exploited vulnerabilities during matches, particularly targeting those in the process of recovering from minor injuries.

Shocking accounts include instances where Gulak purportedly exacerbated injuries, with one talent recounting a deliberate re-dislocation of a previously injured finger.

Furthermore, Gulak would intimidate his opponents into not reporting these incidents.

With that being said, old comments from current WWE Champion Cody Rhodes on what he thinks about Gulak have resurfaced.

Here’s what The American Nightmare said about Gulak on Busted Open Radio over 7 years ago:

“There is a wrestler by the name of Drew Gulak, and I’m going to go ahead and tell you I think he sucks. He does a grizzled old vet routine, he hasn’t done anything or made any money anywhere, and he shouldn’t be doing that routine.

He looked at me from his table, and frustrated and jealous, because there were people in line at my table – hell they might have been in line just for the pizza – says to me, ‘So that’s what you need to get over’, and he walks away in a total huff and temper tantrum.

Since then that guy is on my list. 100%. I will regularly text Ethan Page just to tell him how much I think Drew Gulak sucks.”

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