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Cody Rhodes Reveals Which WWE Star He Hates More Than Anybody In The Whole Business

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Cody Rhodes, now reigning atop WWE as its premier star post-WrestleMania 40, has come a long way from his days as Stardust, wrestling in facepaint and facing defeat after defeat.

While his current success paints a picture of triumph, Rhodes hasn’t forgotten the struggles of his earlier days in the company, particularly his encounters with the beloved R-Truth.

In his first stint with WWE, which concluded in 2016, Rhodes found himself in the unenviable position of portraying Stardust, a character that failed to resonate with audiences as he might have hoped. Match after match, Rhodes faced defeat, struggling to find his footing in the ring and connect with fans.

One recurring opponent during Rhodes’ challenging tenure was R-Truth, a wrestler still held in high regard within WWE circles. While Rhodes managed to secure a few victories over R-Truth, the majority of their encounters saw him tasting defeat, often left sprawled on the canvas.

Despite Rhodes’ current status as the Undisputed WWE Champion, it appears that the memories of those difficult times still linger. In a candid moment on Cheap Heat, Rhodes admitted to harboring a lingering animosity towards R-Truth, confessing that he might harbor more dislike towards him than any other wrestler in the industry.

Here’s what The American Nightmare said:

“I might dislike R-Truth more than anybody in the whole business. He’s an unbelievably great human and great father, but if I was Stardust, just know that on 42 different occasions, I was looking up at the lights while R-Truth was dancing around and celebrating.

One night, even hit a Cross Rhodes where he managed to not bump.

This is definitely petty on my part. He knows, and I told him this the day I came back in Dallas, Texas. I said, ‘When it happens, you’re going to be looking up at the lights. I’m going to make sure of it. If it’s my last day on earth, I’m going to make sure of it.’ He knows.

There is a fun moment where I come out to the Royal Rumble, the place is digging me, it’s Tampa. Here he comes, he’s making John Cena’s comeback. You can see me in the corner. All I wanted to do was kick him in the face and ruin it.

I couldn’t because, if I’m their guy, they like R-Truth too. He knows he’s on borrowed time. He’s on borrowed time. Whenever you count that man out, he does something amazing, but I look forward to it.”

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