CWF Championship Wrestling from Florida (Turnbuckle Memories)

Turnbuckle Memories 1
Ron Slinker interview.
The White Ninja vs. Prince Iaukea.
NWA Southern Champion Lex Luger vs. Hector Guerrero.
King Curtis Iaukea interview.
Kevin Sullivan, The Purple Haze & Maya Singh vs. Jimmy Backlund, Mike Allen & Tony D’amata.
Kevin Sullivan interview.
Kendall Windham vs. Mark Benedict.
Kevin Sullivan interview.
Blackjack Mulligan interview.
Superstar Billy Graham interview.
NWA World Champion Ric Flair vs. Barry Windham.
Blackjack Mulligan vs. El Rojas & The Marauder.

Turnbuckle Memories 2
NWA TV Champion Tully Blanchard vs. Dusty Rhodes.
J.J. Dillon interview.
The Sheepherders vs. Sam Bass & Crusher Kanoff.
Johnny Ace interview.
Dusty Rhodes interview.
Mike Rotunda vs. Colt Steele.
Blackjack Mulligan interview.
Kevin Sullivan & Dory Funk, Jr. vs. The Mulkey Brothers.
Dory Funk, Jr. attacks Blackjack Mulligan.
Johnny Valentine vs. Paul Jones. – 1973
The Sheepherders interview.
Ed Gantner vs. Louis Estea.
Bugsy McGraw music video – “Higher & Higher.”
The Cuban Connection vs. Jimmy Backlund & Johnny B. Goode.
J.J. Dillon interview.
NWA Florida Tag Team Champions Steve Keirn & Mike Graham vs. Tijo Khan & Prince Iaukea.
Kevin Sullivan interview.
Turnbuckle Memories 3
Scott McGhee vs. Tom Wright.
Magnum T.A. vs. Denny Brown.
Dusty Rhodes interview.
Kevin Sullivan vs. Raul Matta.
Angelo Mosca & Bad Leroy Brown vs. Ron Bass & Charlie Cook.
Joe LeDuc vs. Pak Song – 1974
Frank Dusek vs. Jerry Grey.
Barry Windham vs. Frank Dusek.
Turnbuckle Memories 4
Kendall Windham vs. Sean Royal.
The Karate Kid vs. Butch Cassidy.
Ron Simmons vs. Chris Champion.
Ron Simmons interview.
Clips of Ron Simmons playing football for FSU.
Clips of Ron Simmons training for wrestling.
Sir Oliver Humperdink interview.
NWA World Champion Jack Brisco vs. Don Muraco. – 1974
NWA Florida Tag Team Champions The Sheepherders vs. The Fabulous Ones.
The Fabulous Ones interview.
NWA Southern Champion Lex Luger vs. Ron Bass in a “Lumberjacks With Straps Match.”
Turnbuckle Memories 5
Mike Graham vs. Ed Gantner & Sir Oliver Humperdink in a “Handicap Match.”
Ed Gantner interview.
Scott Hall vs. Jerry Grey.
Scott Hall interview.
The Original Sheik vs. Sailor Art Thomas.
Bad News Allen vs. Bob Cook.
Kevin Sullivan & Oliver Humperdink interview.
Bruiser Brody, Bad News Allen & The Cuban Assassin vs. Lex Luger, Ron Simmons & Kendall Windham.
NWA Florida Tag Team Champions The Hollywood Blonds vs. Dusty Rhodes & Dick Slater.
Tombstone vs. Norman Smiley.
Exotic Adrian Street interview.
Sir Oliver Humperdink interview.
Ron Fuller interview.

The New Breed vs. The Southern Boys.
Turnbuckle Memories 6
B. Brian Blair vs. Dale Veasey.
Hector Guerrero vs. Jack Hart.
NWA U.S. Tag Team Champions Jay & Mark Youngblood vs. Mike Golden & Bill Irwin.
NWA World Champion Ric Flair vs. Mike Graham.
Paul Jones vs. Ron Fuller in a “Best Of Three Falls Match.”
Jesse Barr interview.
NWA Southern Champion Jesse Barr vs. Tony D’Amata.
Mike Graham interview.
B. Brian Blair interview.
Turnbuckle Memories 7
Terry & Dory Funk, Jr. attack Mike Rotunda.
Kevin Sullivan interview.
Terry Funk vs. Mike Rotunda .
Johnny Ace interview.
The Sheepherders vs. The Cuban Connection.
Dusty Rhodes music video – “Hand Jive.”
Mike Graham vs. Mr. X.
NWA World Champion Jack Brisco vs. Bill Watts.
Terry & Dory Funk, Jr. interview.
NWA Florida Champion Dory Funk, Jr. vs. Jerry Grey.
Ric Flair music video – “2001: Space Odyssey.”
Kevin Sullivan vs. Jim Backlund.
Turnbuckle Memories 8
NWA Southern Champion Jesse Barr vs. Lex Luger. (Very rare title change)
Jesse Barr interview.
Jesse Barr vs. Jimmy Backlund
Barry Windham vs. Jack Hart.
The Fabulous Ones vs. Prince Iaukea & The Red Menace.
NWA U.S. Tag Team Champions Mike Graham & Steve Keirn vs. Mr. Saito & Akio Sato.
Jerry Grey vs. Frankie Lane.
Kevin Sullivan interview.
Kendall Windham, The Ninja & Tyree Pryde vs. Dennis Sour, Mark Benedict & Dino Minelli.
Turnbuckle Memories 9
Hector Guerrero & Tyree Pryde vs. Jack Hart & The Red Menace.
The Road Warriors vs. The Purple Haze & Maya Singh.
Jesse Barr vs. Cocoa Samoa.
Jesse Barr interview.
NWA Southern Champion Lex Luger vs. Dale Appalo.
Lex Luger rips apart the headdress of Wahoo McDaniel.
Dusty Rhodes vs. The Missouri Mauler & Pak Song in a “Handicap Match.”
Dino Minelli vs. Maya Singh.
Kevin Sullivan interview.
Blackjack Mulligan & Wahoo McDaniel interview.
Barry & Kendall Windham vs. Prince Iaukea & The Cuban Assassin.
Turnbuckle Memories 10
Kendall Windham & Hector Guerrero vs. Tony Wonder & Jason Walker.
Kendall Windham & Hector Guerrero interview.
Chavo Guerrero interview.
The Grappler & Rip Oliver vs. Frankie Lane & The Blue Thunder.
AWA World Tag Team Champions The Road Warriors vs. The Fabulous Ones.
Harley Race interview.
Don Muraco vs. Manny Fernandez.
NWA Florida Champion Jack Hart vs. Mike Jackson.
Ric Flair interview.
Wahoo McDaniel & Billy Jack Haynes vs. Ric Flair & The Grappler in a “Steel Cage Match.”
Wahoo McDaniel interview.
Coco Samoa vs. Rip Rogers.

Turnbuckle Memories 11
The Shock Troops attack The Fabulous Ones.
The Fabulous Ones interview.
Jimmy Backlund vs. The Masked Marauder.
NWA World Champion Ric Flair vs. Lex Luger in a “Best Of Three Falls Match.”
Ric Flair interview.
The Fabulous Ones vs. Mike Masters & Jack Towers.
The Fabulous Ones interview.
Oliver Humperdink & The Shock Troops interview.
Ron Bass interview.
Barry Windham interview.
NWA Florida Champion Ron Bass vs. Chris Champion.
Bob Roop interview.
Jerry Grey vs. Mark Starr.
The Fabulous Ones vs. The Shock Troops.

Turnbuckle Memories 12
Dusty Rhodes & Blackjack Mulligan vs. Jerry Grey & Mr. Olympia.
J.J. Dillon interview.
Blackjack Mulligan interview.
Blackjack Mulligan music video – “Lil’ Ol’ Fashion Carma.”
Dusty Rhodes vs. The One Man Gang.
Dusty Rhodes interview for “Black Power.”
Clips of Dusty Rhodes performing with a band & drinking beer.
NWA U.S. Tag Team Champions Ron Bass & The One Man Gang vs. Mike Rotunda & Mike Davis. (Very rare title change)
Pacific Northwest Champion Billy Jack Haynes vs. Bill Snyder.
Dusty Rhodes lockerroom interview after winning his first NWA World Title.
Billy Jack Haynes interview.
J.J. Dillon, Ron Bass & Black Bart interview.
Ric Flair interview.
Mike Rotunda interview.
The Dirty Yellow Dog interview.
Chief Joe Lightfoot vs. Tommy Wright.

Kendo Nagasaki vs. Denny Brown.

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