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Drew Gulak Breaks Silence After WWE Departure

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In a surprising turn of events, Drew Gulak’s tenure with WWE has come to an end, but not in the manner initially assumed. While speculation was rife about his release, the truth reveals a more nuanced story. Amidst allegations and incidents, his contract will not be renewed, shedding light on internal dynamics within the NXT brand.

Fightful Select revealed the following details regarding Gulak’s situation:

The Ronda Rousey Controversy

The spark that ignited the investigation into Drew Gulak’s behavior stemmed from remarks made by former UFC Champion Ronda Rousey. Her claims prompted an internal probe within NXT, uncovering a series of concerning incidents involving Gulak. Despite his public rebuttal of Rousey’s comments, insiders suggest this wasn’t the sole catalyst for his departure.

Allegations of Bullying and Unsafe Practices

Insights gleaned from conversations with Fightful’s Corey Brennan unveil troubling testimonies from several NXT talents.

Allegations depict Gulak as a ‘bully’ who exploited vulnerabilities during matches, particularly targeting those in the process of recovering from minor injuries.

Shocking accounts include instances where Gulak purportedly exacerbated injuries, with one talent recounting a deliberate re-dislocation of a previously injured finger.

Furthermore, Gulak would intimidate his opponents into not reporting these incidents.

Incidents and Reprimands

Gulak’s tenure in NXT was not devoid of controversy, as evidenced by a notable incident during a taped event last year. Here, Gulak found himself on the receiving end of reprimands from esteemed figures such as Shawn Michaels and NXT coaches.

Reports suggest Gulak’s actions during a match, including what was perceived as deliberate endangerment of an opponent when he intentionally spiked a wrestler on his head, warranted stern rebuke and highlighted concerns over professional conduct and safety protocols.

Insights from NXT Talents

Echoing sentiments of unease, one NXT talent who collaborated closely with Gulak described his behavior as ‘odd’. Notably, Gulak appeared to ‘test’ fellow talents through what can only be described as bullying tactics, probing reactions and asserting dominance in an unsettling manner.

Gulak breaks silence after WWE Departure

After his WWE departure was confirmed, Gulak posted footage from his Catch Point Wrestling school on his Instagram story and wrote:

“Hello, pro wrestler, step up your game.”

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