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Enzo Amore’s Accuser Reacts To Enzo Ripping Her Apart In New Rap Video

Enzo Amore

During a recent interview with Ringside News, Philomena Sheahan (the girl who accused Enzo Amore of raping her) reacted to Enzo’s new rap video, her thoughts on the investigation against Enzo getting dropped, her mental health & more.

Below are the highlights:

On her initial reaction to Enzo’s “Phoenix” rap video:

“He is a joke! Like wow, great statement Enzo!”

On Enzo tweeting about his clothing line:

“Someone sent me a screenshot of a tweet of his today and the hashtag was Phoenix. I’m located in Phoenix, and that’s where it happened, the $exual assault.”

On her thoughts on the investigation against Enzo being dropped:

“I actually posted about it the day it happened on Instagram. I explained how I felt and I explained how there was a big injustice on the judicial systems part. A bunch of his WWE fans reported the post and it’s taken down. There’s no words to describe what it feels like to know that the person that changed your life in such a traumatic way is going to get to walk away scott free.So many people thought I did it for different reasons. People thought I did it for money, people thought I did it for the 15 seconds of fame, which honestly,I don’t even care about. To have all of it over, with the law, to know that there is no more case, really hurts, its terrifying.”

On going to the police after the incident:

“I went to the police when I was ready. Of course, I could have gone the next day after it happened. I was afraid because he was still in Arizona. I didn’t know what could or would happen. I was in a state of shock, I didn’t know what to do.”

On her mental health:

“I’ve made it pretty public that I struggled with mental disorders. I have mental health issues and you really get tested in times like these when you’re getting so much hate and backlash when all you’re trying to do is help the other $exual assault victims and survivors. I am a survivor and today I stand strong.”

You can watch Enzo’s new rap video below:

Below is what Enzo said about the accuser in the above video:

“Lyin a$$ h*e out in Pheonix when I say this s*** I mean it. F*** you marks and haters. This is why all my fans are waiting entertainment’s hottest free agent. B*tch, I’m reincarnated.”

Enzo was interviewed during his appearance at Times Square in New York City last night and was asked about a WWE return and he said it’s not up to him. Enzo thanked his fans big time for supporting him throughout whatever happened with him this year after release from WWE.

Enzo thanked the fans for helping him succeed in WWE because a guy his size couldn’t have made it in the WWE without the support of the fans.

You can watch the interview and a better footage of the huge crowd that showed up to see Enzo below:

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