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Eric Bischoff Reveals If He Likes Vince McMahon’s Mustache

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Below are a couple of WWE & AEW news stories:

– During a new episode of his 83 Weeks podcast, former WCW President Eric Bischoff praised Vince McMahon’s new look:

“I kind of dug [Vince McMahon doing the Hulk Hogan ear-taunt during the TKO Group Holdings launch at NYSE]. It put a smile on my face.

The biggest thing I noticed is Vince wasn’t wearing a tie. He’s dying his hair, and he’s dying his mustache. He looks great. I talked to someone recently who said he’s down in the gym working out, you know? In fact, the comment was, ‘If you didn’t know he had just gone through back surgery. You would never have imagined it,’ and that’s Vince McMahon.

Vince, once again, he looked dapper as f**k in his lavender sport coat, sporting that Errol Flynn mustache.”

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– The popular “AEW Botches” Twitter account was recently taken down via copyright strikes by All Elite Wrestling.

The owner of that account then made a new account, as there was a lot of demand from the fans.

However, the owner of that account revealed that he’s quitting after someone threatened his family for criticizing AEW.

Below is what he tweeted:

“I have received an email with our family photo, residential address & my kid’s school address with the subject line ‘stop criticising AEW’. Well, I quit!

However, please save this tweet and remember #aewbotches when the inevitable happens inside the ring.

Thank You all 🙏”

He posted one last AEW botches compilation along with this message:

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