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Ex-Girlfriend Rips Matt Riddle For Impregnating An Adult Movie Star

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As we have noted before, WWE Superstar Matt Riddle is dating adult movie star Misha Montana.

Misha announced on Twitter that she’s pregnant and she’s expected to give birth in December 2023.

Riddle retweeted this good news. It should be noted that Riddle also has 3 kids with his ex-wife.

Below is a recent photo of both of them:

Misha Montana Matt Riddle Couple Girlfriend Boyfriend

After this news was announced, Riddle’s ex-girlfriend Daniella Petrow tweeted the following:

“He never sees his own kids, she doesn’t even take care of her kid with medical issues, both non-stop party.

One’s a s*xual abuser, other is a high risk p*rnstar. He doesn’t even like or want kids.

I’d say karma did not fail me.

Best of luck.”

Since Misha does adult movies, fans obviously began speculating that the unborn child might not be Riddle’s.

This led to Misha issuing the following statement, where she also addressed the above stated comments from Riddle’s ex-girlfriend:

“Thank you so much to everyone that has reached out. It’s so comforting to feel so much love from you all. We are very blessed and so thankful there are some wonderful people in this world. To address some of the predictable reactions, I will say the following: it’s sad to see just how inept, intolerant and ignorant human beings still are even with so much access to education.

The hatred, judgment and false assumptions disguised as moral superiority is something I am quite accustomed to, and it does provide me with peace knowing I’ll never be that hateful, stupid or hypocritical. It reveals a desperate and critical need for more education surrounding consensual, legal, s*x work.

For those of you that know me, my advocacy and the platform I stand upon, this is nothing more than motivating to help further my agenda of acceptance and humanization of the adult industry. To provide the uninformed and misinformed masses proper education, promote tolerance, and to enact legislative changes nationwide.

You can say whatever you want about me and my profession, but that’s because you can’t say anything negative about my character, and I’m very happy not complying with a belief system that would condemn me over someone who heinously wishes harm to me or my children because of my profession.

For those of you that find that behavior acceptable, I suggest therapy. That being said, I haven’t filmed anything that would remotely interfere with my current situation since the fall (since there is so much concern there).

This hasn’t been an easy pregnancy for me and the unfortunate inevitability of hostility from strangers prompted me to wait to share. The continued, dangerous harassment and slander from bitter, miserable exes seeking attention is also predictable and unfortunate.

We are all very happy and healthy and looking forward to the next chapter. Fill your lives with love and share that love with others, the world needs that more than ever. Thank you so much for your kindness and for sharing this journey with us.”

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