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Fan Ejected From AEW Taping For Harassing Skye Blue

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At last night’s AEW Dynamite Edmonton TV taping, an unfortunate incident unfolded during the Ring of Honor tapings, shedding light on the importance of maintaining respect and decorum among wrestling fans.

During a match between Skye Blue and Rachael Ellering (that was taped for ROH TV), reports emerged of a fan in the first row engaging in $exually-charged and harassing behavior towards Blue. Witnesses recounted that as the wrestlers battled near the fan, the inappropriate comments persisted, prompting Skye Blue to confront the individual, admonishing them for their behavior.

According to eyewitnesses, Blue directly addressed the fan, urging them to cease their inappropriate remarks. According to a fan nearby, Skye told that particular fan to “not be such a pervert, a$$hole” and then proceeded to tell him to “f**k off”.

AEW referee Aubrey Edwards swiftly intervened, calling for security to address the situation while the match continued.

The fan, who was reportedly accompanied by a young child, was subsequently escorted out of the arena by security personnel. This incident aligns with AEW’s strict policy against discriminatory or harassing behavior towards performers or fellow fans, which is reiterated before every event.

Earlier in the evening on Dynamite, Saraya had pointed out certain fans at ringside during the broadcast, labeling them as “creeps”. It is believed that one of these individuals may have been the same fan involved in the later altercation.

Despite the disruption caused by the fan’s behavior, both Skye Blue and Rachael Ellering were commended by AEW officials for maintaining focus and professionalism throughout the match. Their ability to persevere despite the distraction underscored their dedication to their craft.

This incident serves as a reminder of the responsibility fans have to uphold respectful conduct during wrestling events. Wrestlers put their bodies on the line to entertain audiences, and such behavior not only detracts from the experience but also undermines the hard work and dedication of those in the ring.

Moving forward, it is imperative that fans adhere to the principles of respect and decency, ensuring that wrestling events remain enjoyable and safe environments for all involved. AEW’s commitment to fostering a culture of inclusivity and respect sets a standard for fan behavior that should be embraced by all spectators.

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