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Former Champion Reacts To Maria Kanellis Calling Out WWE For Releasing Her 2 Months After She Gave Birth

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On this day in 1991, Herb Abrams´ Universal Wrestling Federation aired an episode of their weekly TV show ‘UWF Fury Hour’.

This episode was pre-taped on June 9th, 1991 at the Manatee Civic Center in Palmetto, Florida.

The card can be found below:

– Strap Match: Paul Orndorff vs. Col. DeBeers

– Capt. Lou’s Corner w/The Black Harts & Luna Vachon

– The Bees vs. Hog Calhoun & Cash Johnson (from 6/3)

• Former Champion Reacts To Maria Kanellis Calling Out WWE For Releasing Her 2 Months After She Gave Birth

Maria Kanellis got released from WWE back in April due to budget cuts caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

She called out WWE for releasing her two months after he gave birth. Below is what she posted on Twitter (and later deleted):

“Did you ever hear the one about the woman that was released from WWE during a pandemic 2 months postpartum after being told having another baby wasn’t an issue…?

Their record numbers say differently. P.S. no other wrestling company released anyone!!”

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion “The Big Guy” Ryback recently discussed this situation and said the following:

“I understand the frustration. Things build up when you’re sitting at home. It’s not like they’re able to go and wrestle in other places. There’s probably a lot of sitting at home probably looking online, dealing with a lot of negative bullsh*t from fans and you read some negative comments from people. It’s really easy to get fired up because you’re the one that’s living through it.

Obviously, we all deal with the negative portion of fans. Everyone has them. It’s an unfortunate situation. I understand her frustrations. Putting stuff online, it’s her right. If that helps deal with it better, then that’s fine. It sucks. Nothing really comes of it either way.

It’s probably a way more to vent frustrations I would imagine. Hopefully when things start getting back to normal, they have an opportunity to get busy again and start working or doing whatever makes them happy.

I would say that the people they released, from a company standpoint, was probably $3-5 million total just estimating with everyone’s contracts. It really makes you question why did they get rid of so many people, or why have they not brought them back? No other wrestling company released people during this period.

For those of us in the business, everyone knows how it is. It’s Vince, and Vince has built that. It’s his way he operates the company. He does a lot of good. He provides jobs for people.

If you compare it to how they operate that business, what they take from people and what people sacrifice for him to have the wealth that he has, it’s typically people’s lives. Wrestlers die younger than everyone because of the work schedule and how little he leaves them with how much they actually earn. A lot of them have trouble when they leave there.

There are opportunities they don’t get while they’re there because they want to keep them there. They don’t want them making too much money. That’s where it gets really frustrating.”

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