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Former TNA World Champion Says AEW Was Interested In Signing Him

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After leaving WWE, former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young returned to IMPACT Wrestling.

During an interview with Haus Of Wrestling, Young revealed that Tony Khan was interested in signing him to AEW, but it didn’t happen and he wasn’t interested in going to All Elite Wrestling anyway.

Below is what Young said:

“I talked with some friends there and people that I trust, and Tony [Khan] had kind of mentioned that he was interested, but it just never materialized.

And the truth is, I’m just going to get lost in the ether and in the mix with like 60 other people there, right? The truth is I don’t have his confidence. Me and him aren’t close in any way, shape, or form.

I’m kind of replacing one set of problems for another, and I have nothing against Tony Khan. From everything I know, he’s a very nice man. I met him a couple of times in passing. He treats the wrestlers with respect, he pays them very well, and is a very respectful man and a kind man.

So, it’s nothing against the product or nothing against him. It’s just not my place. IMPACT Wrestling is my home, and that’s where I wanted to be. So that’s where I am.”

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