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Former WCW Wrestler Took His Life 22 Years Ago

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• Former WCW Wrestler Took His Life 22 Years Ago

22 Years ago, we lost Old School WCW Veteran The Renegade (Real name: Richard Wilson) at the young age of 33 due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

He debuted for Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling promotion when WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan himself announced an “Ultimate Surprise” for ‘WCW Uncensored 1995’, thus implying that The Ultimate Warrior would join him at the PPV.

The gimmick of The Renegade was basically that of Old School WWF Legend The Ultimate Warrior, which made him a clone and a copy-cat, completely rejected by pretty much everyone watching, critics & fans alike.

The Renegade WCW

It wasn’t his fault though, but just a bad booking decision that hurt his career before it began.

Despite winning the WCW World Television Championship from WCW Legend Arn Anderson in 1995, he was eventually turned into a ‘Jobber To The Stars’ a year later in 1996.

Renegade was fired from the promotion in January 1999, which resulted in a severe depression, that led to him committing suicide by shooting himself in the head with a gun on February 23, 1999.


October 16, 1965 – February 23, 1999

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On this day in Pro Wrestling history on February 23, 1997, Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling aired ‘WCW SuperBrawl VII’ LIVE on PPV from the Cow Palace in San Francisco, California.

This pay-per-view featured the Heel Turn of “The Macho Man” Randy Savage who joined the nWo New World Order in the process.

Here are the results from that night:

– WCW Cruiserweight Championship: Syxx defeated Dean Malenko (c)

– Konnan, La Parka & Villano IV defeated Juventud Guerrera, Super Caló & Ciclope

– WCW World Television Championship: Prince Iaukea (c) defeated Rey Mysterio, Jr.

– Diamond Dallas Page defeated Buff Bagwell via DQ

– WCW United States Heavyweight Championship: Eddie Guerrero (c) defeated Chris Jericho

– The Public Enemy defeated Harlem Heat and The Faces of Fear

– Jeff Jarrett defeated Steve McMichael

– San Francisco Death match: Chris Benoit defeated The Taskmaster

– WCW World Tag Team Championship: Lex Luger & The Giant defeated The Outsiders (c)

– WCW World Heavyweight Championship: Hollywood Hogan (c) defeated Roddy Piper

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