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Former WWE Champion Has No Memory Of His Pinfall Victory Over Triple H

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• Former WWE Champion Has No Memory Of His Pinfall Victory Over Triple H

After working for Paul Heyman’s ECW from 1996 till it closed its doors in January 2001, Rob Van Dam joined the World Wrestling Federation a few months later and became a household name and even a main eventer, several years before winning the WWE Championship in 2006.

In the main event of the September 2, 2002 episode of WWE Monday Night RAW, RVD got a pinfall victory over then World Heavyweight Champion Triple H in a tag team match, that saw him teaming up with Ric Flair against The Game & Chris Jericho.

After WWE posted the finish of the match on Twitter, Mr. Monday Night tweeted the following:

“I got a win over Hunter? WTF? Where was I?”

After returning to IMPACT Wrestling for another run (2019-2020), he’s now a free-agent, but recently told NBC Sports that he’d actually be happy to return to WWE.

Here’s what RVD said:

“That would be awesome, yeah. You know what, I kinda feel like if they wanted me there, then I would be there. They would make it so that I would want to be there. Without having any, just being on the fence and not feeling hungry or either way, just whatever happens happens, like RVD is, I kinda feel like that.

I don’t know what they wanna do, what their plan is, what their agenda is for all their talent now. Seems like they want more normal-looking people that normal-looking people can relate to, maybe, but I really don’t even know. It’s whatever, but I’m around.”

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• On This Day In WWE History (September 3, 2005) – WWE Velocity

On this day in 2005, World Wrestling Entertainment aired another episode of their weekly TV show ‘WWE Velocity’.

This episode included matches featuring the SmackDown! Superstars on the road to the ‘WWE No Mercy 2005’ PPV.

Here’s the card:

Brian Kendrick vs. Paul London

Hardcore Holly vs. Steve Madison

Doug Basham vs. Michael Patrick

Super Crazy vs. Nunzio

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