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Former WWE Star Apologizes For His Comments About Matt Riddle

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Former WWE star Matt Striker made waves with his remarks during the live broadcast of the match between Matt Riddle and Jacob Fatu at last night’s MLW Kings of Colosseum event, which Riddle won.

Striker said the following on commentary:

“Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. The court of public opinion would like to see Jacob Fatu slap the taste out of Matt Riddle’s mouth.

But the court of public opinion does not convict. I’m sorry, I know it’s the world in which we live, but it’s not the case.

He can do whatever he wants. He can kick your a$$. Anyone out there that’s got a problem with him? Step to him out on the street and see what happens. End of conversation.”

Striker later issued an apology and wrote the following on X:

“Playing a character isn’t always easy but getting the desired and necessary reaction is. Sorry.

I play a heel (bad guy) character in wrestling. It’s my job to raise the fan’s ire and their job to have their ire raised.

Tonight, we ALL did our jobs. It’s a symbiotic relationship. With that said, please remember, that it’s a character. My job is to get you to react.

I’ve given this a lot of thought. Could not sleep. My critics are right. I was wrong. Tone deaf. Trying to use the guise of art or character portrayal is self preservation.

Thank you to those that shone light on this. It is now on me to stand in that light. I will be better.”

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