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Former WWE Wrestler Says He Was Promised A WWE Championship Run In 2016

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• Former WWE Wrestler Says He Was Promised A WWE Championship Run In 2016

While speaking on the Angle podcast, former WWE wrestler Ryback recalled his run in WWE.

The Big Guy revealed that when he was negotiating a new contract with WWE, he was promised a WWE Championship run after his heel turn, which never happened.

Here’s what The Big Guy said:

“So my contract stuff had been going on for quite some time. The Intercontinental Championship got pulled off early because I didn’t sign the contract they offered. What they’ll do is put the title on you and then offer you a new contract.

From a psychological standpoint a lot of people will sign that contract. So when I didn’t they cut my title run short because I was not happy with a lot of the things in there. We agreed to new figures and came to a deal, but I wasn’t going to sign over what they wanted me to sign over. That caused a major roadblock.

It went from me and Vince on a handshake with the new contract to be a heel in trunks, which would lead to a WWE Championship run. So when the roadblock occurred it got (demoted) down to the US Title. So they do that to punish you and sign the contract. I didn’t sign the contract on that so it then became putting over Kalisto.”

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