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Goldberg Comments On Winning A Match After 602 Days

Goldberg beats Bobby Lashley at Crown Jewel 2021 WrestleFeed App

• Goldberg Comments On Winning A Match After 602 Days

After 3 back-to-back losses, Goldberg finally picked up a win in WWE.

Goldberg defeated Bobby Lashley in their No Holds Barred – False Count Anywhere match in epic fashion, with a Spear off the top of the stage!

Goldberg Spears Bobby Lashley Off The Stage At WWE Crown Jewel 2021 WrestleFeed App

Prior to this, Goldberg’s last win was over “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt for the Universal Championship in February 2020.

In a backstage interview after his match, Goldberg talked about how his family will always have more value than a Championship.

He said that he doesn’t care if he’s 500 years old, he’ll come out of the grave and rip your face off if you touch his family.

Goldberg then said he should have made Lashley pay even more, but that’s what he got tonight – that’s what he deserved tonight. He hopes his son Gage was proud of his performance.

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• Old School WWF Tag Team Legend Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Tag Team Legend “Bushwhacker” Butch Miller (Real name: Robert Miller) celebrates his 77th birthday today.

Him and his fellow New Zealand Tag Team partner Luke Williams originally started as heels called ‘The Sheepherders’, touring several NWA terriroties such as Jim Crockett Promotions, UWF Mid-South Wrestling & NWA Pacific Northwest during the 80s.

In January 1989, they joined the World Wrestling Federation as comedy babyface Tag Team ‘The Bushwhackers’, and despite them never winning any WWF titles and never rising above mid-card level due to their comedy status, they were so over with the fans that they were wrestling on WWF TV for almost 8 years till they were let go in the fall of 1996.

In 2015, The Bushwhackers Butch & Luke were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by their former flagbearer (on NWA TV) “Johnny Ace” John Laurinaitis.


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