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Strowman, with Reigns on his shoulder, is going towards the Ambulance, but Reigns gets out of Strowman’s grip and they brawl again.

Reigns shows his strength by lifting Strowman for a Samoan Drop. Reigns now attacks Strowman with a Steel Chair, but it has no effect on The Monster Among Men!

They are now brawling on the stage and Strowman clears the announce table and is looking to slam Reigns on it. However, Reigns jumps off Strowman’s shoulder and hits a couple of right hands. Roman goes for a big shot, but Strowman throws Reigns off the stage.

Strowman has now opened the door of the Ambulance and is about to put Reigns in it, but Reigns fights back. Reigns hits a Superman Punch and Strowman is now sitting at the door of the Ambulance. Reigns delivers another Superman Punch! Reigns is now looking to push Strowman into the Ambulance, but Strowman attacks Reigns with a back board.

Strowman now throws Reigns across the stage. Strowman is now running towards Reigns, but he misses and goes shoulder first into the screen. Reigns goes to hit a Spear, but Strowman picks Reigns up for a Powerslam. However, Reigns gets out of it and pushes Strowman into the screen wall and it breaks down!

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