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Haku Pulled Out A WWF Superstar’s Eyeball

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There are many shocking and over the top stories out there about WWF Veteran Haku, and most of them – if not all of them – are true.

Probably the most common story going viral for many years, is when Haku bit a guy’s nose off in a bar fight, after that man provoked him as well as called professional wrestling ‘fake’.

On a recent episode of his weekly ‘Snake Pit’ podcast, WWF Legend Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts told some of Haku’s stories, including one involving fellow WWF wrestler Earthquake.

Here’s what Jake Roberts had to say:

“Yeah. I remember one night in Edmonton, Alberta. We had spent about 10 hours trying to get there, two or three different flights for everybody.

Everybody was just f**king beyond f**king burnt, stretched out, whatever. And a few of the guys had started drinking early, and one of ’em was Haku.

And Haku challenges Earthquake to a f**king sumo match in the locker room. Holy f**k, man.

They were slapping the dog s**t out of each other, it went to a draw. They were f**king beating the s**t outta each other, man.

I couldn’t f**king believe it. He’s beyond a badass, man. He hurt you in so many different ways.”

Jake then continued with a story in which the former WWF Tag Team Champion actually pulled out the eyeball of then WWF Superstar Jimmy Jack Funk.

Here’s what Roberts said about the fight between the two:

“They f**king get into it and Haku f**king jerks his eyeball out. And now his eyeball is hanging down, like here, swinging.

And he’s bent over and he’s like ‘Hey, Jake, so f**king weird. I can see the ground and I can see you standing way over there. This is really f**ked up!’.

And I’m like ‘Your f**king eyeball’s out, man’. At least Haku was nice enough to put it back in.

Yeah, he f**king grabbed him in a headlock and just f**king shoved that s**t back up in there.

I f**king ran to my room and f**king cried.”

Haku wrestled for the World Wrestling Federation from 1986 until he left briefly after the 1992 Royal Rumble PPV, but later also made a name for himself in Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling as Meng, where he performed from 1994 until he returned to the WWF in early 2001.

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