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Hall of Famer Says He Has Zero Interest In The Undertaker’s WrestleMania 34 Match

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• Daniel Bryan Wrestled His Last Singles Match 3 Years Ago Today (Video)

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on March 31, 2015, Daniel Bryan wrestled his last singles match. He faced Sheamus and lost the match via count-out.

You can watch it below:

This match aired on April 2, 2015 though.

It should be noted that this was only his last “singles” match. His last match was a tag team match and aired on April 16, 2015.

• Hall of Famer Says He Has Zero Interest In The Undertaker’s WrestleMania 34 Match

WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham posted the following on his Facebook account earlier this week:

“The King And I

Below you see a classic photo of Vince, the King of Saudi Arabia ( maybe ) and HHH. Kind of a modern day version of the old New York mafia, ha !!! I did read today that the WWE said in their brief statement, that Arab women and children will be allowed to buy tickets and watch the show in this anti-female country. So I guess that is real significant progress for that female hating and female discriminating country. That WWE belt looks perfect for the ultra rich Arabs don’t you think? Nice and gaudy.

Hey, I want to thank Faith Grasso for her intense response to my last post which I will quote now… Faith said….” It was HHH who gave you your speech into the Hall of Fame (and flubbed it) I wish you’d picked someone else…or was he picked for you by Vince… the douche-bag. ” Well Faith my dear friend, HHH went to Vince and asked him if he could induct me. Then HHH came to me the night of the show and asked me if it was OK if he quoted some of my rhymes. Wow girl, you know your wrestling history and I am impressed !!!!! Thanks for your response !!!

One final thought for tonight. As I hit the keys on my computer Raw is in progress. So I don’t know if the Undertaker has or will show up and answer Cena’s challenge to a match at mania 34. My question is at this point does anyone really care ? With all due respect to both men, the Taker just turned 53 and has had a hip replacement and was pinned last year by Roman Reigns. He then piled up his gear in the middle of the ring in a very strong symbolic message that he was retiring. Cena is doing great in Hollywood and needs to stay there as he has 15 years in with the WWE. This is as cold of a match that one could possibly find.

I respect both men greatly but have zero interest in watching them work a match. Any of you good fans have any thoughts about this ? I bet Faith does for sure, ha !!! Superstar B. G”

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