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“He did take too many steroids & alcohol” – Debra Shoots On Steve Austin Beating Her Up

Stone Cold Steve Austin Debra

Debra: You know what that’s what with domestic abuse and all that. You’re sort of like in a cycle because the good times are great and the bad times are bad and that’s what keeps you locked in the circle.

Host: Do you think he realized that he had a problem as far as being abusive or do you think he was just being himself?

Debra: I don’t know if he ever realized. He would always say he was sorry afterwards which is one of the signs of that keeps you in the cycle because then you’re like, “He is so sweet.” I know it sounds crazy for women that’s never experienced and me of all people, I’m such a strong person but it just keeps you pulled in there.

Host: Did you ever try to talk to Vince [McMahon] or someone in power about his problems?

Debra: No, because my job was tied into that and that was my job. And they don’t want to hear. This is their top star, they don’t want to hear about this.

They got their own problems they are dealing with. And I just thought maybe if I didn’t talk about it, it would just ease up.

Host: Was there an issue, I guess what happened between him and Raven? The one time I guess he thought Raven was looking at you when you were changing?

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