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“Huge Respect” – Shane Douglas On Wrestling Veteran Getting Over In ECW Without A Character

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On an episode of his ‘Franchise University’ podcast, Old School WWF/ECW/WCW Legend Shane Douglas ended up praising fellow ECW Veteran Lance Storm for getting over in Extreme Championship Wrestling without any gimmick or character, by just being himself.

Shane spoke to his co-host about Storm’s great match against Rob Van Dam on the ECW Barely Legal pay-per-view in 1997, and how Lance won over the fans that night, despite RVD getting the win.

Here’s what The Franchise had to say:

“Huge respect for Lance (Storm). And I’ll tell you why. Lance, as you know when you watch him, he is pretty vanilla in character. There’s not a whole lot going on there in character.

I’ve always said I am so thankful I was in on the ground floor of ECW, because that would have been a really tough crowd to win over once they had gotten chugging.

And Lance came in there, albeit without that over-the-top ‘Franchise’ personality or the Candido delivery or whatever, and he won them over, hold to hold to hold. Not an easy thing to do.”

Ultimately, Lance Storm’s stint in ECW helped solidify his reputation as one of the wrestling world’s most technically gifted and consistent performers. His time in the extreme environment of ECW allowed him to shine and left an indelible mark on the history of the promotion.

Below are Lance Storm’s top accomplishments in pro-wrestling:

– 1x WWF Intercontinental Champion

– 4x WWE World Tag Team Champion

– 3x WCW United States Heavyweight Champion

– 1x WCW Cruiserweight Champion

– 1x WCW Hardcore Champion

– 3x ECW World Tag Team Champion

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