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“I didn’t want to sniff people’s a–es for opportunities” – Lacey Evans On WWE Departure

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Lacey Evans parted ways with WWE back in the summer, and went on to open her cafe and joining the adult entertainment industry.

Speaking to Teddy Long and Mac Davis, The Sassy Southern Belle discussed her WWE departure.

Here’s what she said:

“It wasn’t a bit much as far as I couldn’t do it. It was a bit much as far as it wasn’t for me. I lasted 7 years in WWE, I invested and made a lot of money. I’m a business owner, I own investment properties, I really sunk a lot of good money into making sure I’m squared away.

My priorities in comparison to a lot of professional wrestlers are way different, night and day. I think I was blessed to start that business venture with a full blown awesome husband and relationship.

I’ve already had a baby. I was a business owner, making six figures, before I even joined. I took a pay cut to be able to try and use the platform to make a difference for my community. It was a lot in that regard because my priorities and idea in life was not running on red carpets and sniffing people’s a$$es for opportunities. I’m not cut out for that, unfortunately.”

When asked if AEW’s schedule would suit her better, she responded:

“Absolutely. I’m mean as hell. I’m one mean son of a gun. That was probably my fault, at requesting my release, there are no hard feelings at WWE, it’s great. That lifestyle is for people that, when they hold that title above their head, that’s what makes them feel significant or feel like they’ve accomplished something.

Me being able to make my kids food or cook my old man, that to me is worth all the weight in gold.”

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