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“I was booked from Goldberg & Vince McMahon” – Seth Rollins’ Attacker Delivers A Weird Message About Why He Attacked Rollins

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• “I was booked from Goldberg & Vince McMahon” – Seth Rollins’ Attacker Delivers A Weird Message About Why He Attacked Rollins

As we noted earlier, a Twitter user found Elisah Spencer’s Instagram page (the guy who attacked Seth Rollins on RAW) and shared information on how Spencer was scammed by a person pretending to be Seth Rollins:

“The guy attacked Seth because he was messaging a definite fake account and believed it and the ‘business deal’ went the wrong way.

This kid’s been planning this since 2019 because he messaged a fake Seth Rollins account and he just seemed to eventually stop replying.

This account is really scary after Seth beat Dominik he gets mad about it and says ‘its payback time for you say your last prayers and btw how your wife with her pregnancy.’

The fake Seth seemed to have scammed this dude out of hundreds of dollars and then got the guys ‘bae’ arrested because of a fake check. This is sad all around.”

Spencer has now released a video where he talks about why he attacked Rollins. You can watch it below:

Here’s what he said:

“Good morning guys, I’m out. That was me on WWE. I was booked from Goldberg and Vince McMahon and I jumped over the barricade because I told Vince McMahon I had personal beef with Colby Lopez (Seth Rollins’ real name).

This man did not tell Colby I was going to be there. And the personal beef is between me and Colby and he knows what he’s done. So as a…related to the Tribal Chief and Tribal Chief cousin, Royal 4 and Fatu Instagram, I did what I had to do.

I made my family proud because we are the ones. And WWE Officials, I appreciate you for taking me off Colby Lopez, but you know what was about to happen.

I did it for Rikishi! It did it for The Rock! I did it for all my Tribal Family, and I appreciate this message worldwide.”

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