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“I would have to talk smack to The Undertaker on Twitter” – Kane

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• “I would have to talk smack to The Undertaker on Twitter” – Kane

During a recent interview with WrestleRant, Old School WWF Legend Kane spoke about his 1997-2010 on-and-off rivalry with his kayfabe brother The Undertaker, and revealed that he doesn’t think it could be done the same way nowadays.

Here’s what The Big Red Machine said about their legendary feud:

“It could still work.

It would have to be done differently because Kane would have to talk smack to The Undertaker on Twitter, which would be very strange (laughs), but nevertheless it could because it’s a timeless story, and ultimately the story is about two brothers who get along some times and don’t get along some times.

The rest is really just bells and whistles.

The story was amazing because I think it was mythological storytelling, and you had these characters and they had those stories behind them.

Most characters in WWE are that person, or a part of that person, a personality trait, in many cases turned up to an 11.

Kane and Undertaker were true characters. They were not just dudes that were ‘This is me, but I turn my personality up on TV’.

They were different characters then Mark Calaway and Glenn Jacobs are in real life.

Ultimately I think that was what attracted people to it because everybody can relate to a sibling rivalry, and this was a sibling rivalry just done on an epic scale.”

Glenn Jacobs first joined the World Wrestling Federation in 1995 as Isaac Yankem DDS, became (Fake) Diesel in 1996 and by 1997 he debuted as The Undertaker’s long lost (kayfabe) brother Kane.

He has wrestled for the WWF/WWE ever since, but has turned into a part-timer in recent years to focus on politics.

Jacobs currently works as the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

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