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“I’m one of the biggest stars in the history of the f**king business” – AEW Star

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MJF, the self-proclaimed biggest star in wrestling, believes in his unparalleled star power and legacy within the industry. Despite his absence from AEW television between Worlds End and Double or Nothing, his name continued to make waves, most notably during The Pat McAfee Show during WrestleMania 40 weekend, where fans chanted for “MJF” as Triple H was being interviewed.

In a candid interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, MJF reflected on the significance of his name being chanted during such a high-profile event. “Cody Rhodes is a mentor of mine. I f**king love the guy. I love the Rhodes-a-coaster. But when Triple H is doing an interview on one of the biggest sports shows, whose name were they cheering in the background? My name. I’m not just the biggest star in AEW. I’m one of the biggest stars in the history of the f**king business,” he declared.

Upon his return at AEW Double or Nothing, MJF emphasized that his success was self-made. He attributed his rise to prominence not to New Japan Pro Wrestling or Vince McMahon, but to his own efforts and talents.

“The reason that promo resonated with people is because everything that came out of my mouth was fact,” MJF stated. “It wasn’t feelings. It was facts. Can you remember the last time someone became a household name and arenas in WWE were chanting their name when they had zero exposure elsewhere? We’re talking the Crockett era, aren’t we? I take pride in that. AEW is my territory. But I’m a name in every territory because I made professional wrestling my b*tch. MJF made MJF.”

MJF also spoke about his continuous evolution as a wrestler and performer. He takes pride in the unpredictability of his persona, highlighting the versatility and impact of his matches. “And you know what’s crazy? I’m still evolving. Nobody really knows me 100 percent ever, and nobody ever will. To coin a line from one of the greats, if there’s one thing for sure about MJF, nothing’s for sure. I almost look at my wrestling matches as a discography of sorts.”

He went on to list some of his most memorable matches, from his bout with Jungle Boy at Double or Nothing in 2020 to his clash with Adam Cole at Wembley Stadium. “Somebody might say to you that the match between me and Jungle Boy at Double or Nothing in 2020 is one of the greatest matches they’ve ever seen. Somebody might say the greatest match they ever saw was MJF versus Darby Allin at Full Gear, or that MJF versus Adam Cole at Wembley Stadium was the greatest spectacle they’ve ever seen, or MJF in the Iron Man against Bryan Danielson, or MJF in the Four Pillars match, or MJF versus CM Punk in the Dog Collar match, or MJF versus Cody Rhodes. The list goes on and on.”

MJF further underscored his unique blend of promo skills and in-ring prowess, which he believes sets him apart from other wrestlers. “What’s so interesting about me—to toot my own horn—toot toot—is because I’m so good at talking, people genuinely forget how great I am in the ring. Then they see me wrestle and say, ‘Holy sh*t, MJF is the best wrestler in the world.’ And I don’t wrestle too often. That’s why, when I wrestle, it’s can’t-miss.”

MJF’s confidence and accomplishments continue to solidify his status as a major player in professional wrestling, ensuring that his name remains at the forefront of fans’ minds and in the annals of wrestling history.

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