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Insane Noise Level For Cody Rhodes At Backlash France Revealed

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• In a thrilling showdown at Backlash France, Cody Rhodes defeated AJ Styles to retain the Undisputed WWE Championship. The electrifying event, held at the LDLC Arena in Décines-Charpieu within Lyon Metropolis, France, showcased not only Rhodes’ triumph but also the fervent energy of the fans who filled the arena to capacity.

One remarkable aspect of the night was the unparalleled enthusiasm of the fans, whose exuberance elevated the atmosphere to extraordinary levels. Throughout the event, the LDLC Arena reverberated with thunderous cheers and chants, amplifying the intensity of every match on the card.

An eyewitness account from one fan in attendance shed light on the sheer magnitude of the audience’s reaction. During Cody Rhodes’ entrance, as the crowd erupted in a collective expression of awe, the noise level surged to an astonishing 115 decibels.

Such a deafening roar not only encapsulated the fans’ unwavering support for Rhodes but also underscored the unparalleled passion that permeated the arena throughout the night.

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• In the main event of Backlash France, Cody Rhodes defeated AJ Styles to retain the Undisputed WWE Championship.

In the post-show press conference, The American Nightmare teased feuding with Randy Orton.

Here’s what the former Legacy member said:

“One of the gentlemen who was in the ring with me, was a huge part of me even being here today. There’s multiple who were part of me being here today but somebody who legitimately took me under his wing, put me in his faction and again, you kinda want to find out.

I know 10 years ago Randy Orton could wipe the floor with me, but I wonder what it looks like today. Feels like it’s a first time ever today and I mean that with the utmost respect to somebody who got me to where I am today.”

Orton tweeted the following about Rhodes in 2011:

“Cody Rhodes has improved 10 times since the last time I’ve been in the ring with him. Yes I see him as a future World Champion.”

This tweet has gone viral. Looking back at his old comments, Orton made a new tweet:

“Called it.”

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