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Jey Uso Reveals What “YEET” Actually Means

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Below are some top WWE news stories of the day, involving Jey Uso and The Rock.

• WWE interviewer Jackie Redmond asked Jey Uso what his popular catchphrase “YEET” actually means.

Jey said the following:

“YEET means Yes, No, Maybe. Go get some food – YEET, going to workout – YEET, you know… did you like that movie? (with a hesitant face) – YEET.”

Jackie then said:

“It is a term of excitement, it could mean many things…”

Jey agreed:

“Many Things.”

• To promote his WrestleMania 40 storyline, The Rock is using Social Media in a big way.

He cut a 21-minute promo and posted it on all Social Media platforms, thus reaching his millions… and millions of fans around the world.

According to the Wrestling Observer, The Rock posted this lengthy promo on Social Media because he wasn’t going to get enough TV time on SmackDown (which is quite surprising since The Bloodline segment got over 40 minutes on TV this past Friday):

“I woke up on Friday morning and I’d seen messages that he did this promo because they weren’t gonna give them enough time on SmackDown. I said, That’s ridiculous!

Rock can get as much time as he wants. I mean, who’s gonna say, ‘Hey, you know, we’d rather run a 5-minute Austin Theory match, or we can let Rock be on for 5 more minutes and all that?’

So I checked with somebody who I know was over there, pretty high up. I said there’s a story going around; I know it’s bullsh*t, and they go it ain’t bullsh*t because he can’t get as much time as he wants. This isn’t working this way.”

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