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Jim Cornette On Why The Undertaker vs. Sting Never Happened In WWE

The Undertaker Sting WrestleMania Match

• Jim Cornette On Why The Undertaker vs. Sting Never Happened In WWE

The Undertaker officially retired as a wrestler at Survivor Series 2020 and Sting is now in AEW, which means that whatever hope fans had for this 20+ year dream match happening is now over.

During his Drive Thru podcast, Jim Cornette gave his opinion on why he thinks The Undertaker vs. Sting never happened.

Cornette thinks it would’ve been hard to satisfy fans with the finish of this match, as WCW fans would’ve complained if Sting lost, and WWE fans would’ve complained if Undertaker lost (especially if this match took place at WrestleMania).

Here’s what Cornette said:

“People would’ve thought they wanted to see it but then it would’ve been a bummer at the end because somebody would’ve had to lose or it would be a bullsh*t finish and everybody would complain about that.

If they could’ve figured out some way they could’ve been tag team partners against some team that had some heat, and people wanted to see that team get the sh*t kicked out of them, that would have been great.

But Sting vs. Undertaker, people just got fixated on it because the match had never happened…for good f***ing reason.”

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