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John Cena Gets Heat For His Tweet On The Russia-Ukraine Crisis

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• John Cena Gets Heat For His Tweet On The Russia-Ukraine Crisis

WWE Legend John Cena tweeted the following about the Russia-Ukraine crisis:

“If I could somehow summon the powers of a real life #Peacemaker I think this would be a great time to do so.”

Some people thought Cena was using this serious situation to promote his Peacemaker show, which resulted in the 16-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion getting heat.

Below are some of the replies from people:

“With all due respect, John; do you think at all before you post?”

“Can’t believe you tweeted this.”

“Bad time to promote a f**king tv show. Please delete this. People are dying.”

“Now is not the time to make this about your CW-tier show.”

“I understand the sentiment but using this moment to plug the show is a bit… bleh.”

“This is extremely insensitive and disrespectful and I cannot express how disgusted I am. Part of my mother’s family is praying for their lives in Ukraine right now, two of them in the frontiers, and this idiot decides to make the situation about his TV show? F**k off @johncena”

“John Cena somehow thought it was a good idea to use the Ukraine-Russia war to promote his TV show. Lol.”

On the other hand, some fans had Cena’s back too:

“How is he plugging a show when it’s not even airing new episodes anymore?? You’re reaching a bit.”

“The season is over, there’s nothing to promote. An actor use his character to share his thoughts on current events isn’t something to get upset over ffs”

“Did you also complain when they invented Captain America and had him fighting Hitler and Nazis? Everyone loved that during that crisis. Captain America fighting a real life bad guy. John Cena is just saying he wishes he could help create peace.”

“People really not getting the fact that he’s referring to Peacemaker’s goal of achieving peace. Not the brutal gunfights and melee aspect.”

“So sorry that everyone has to take everything that anyone says these days and completely 180 or politically correct it. You have a voice and a medium to use that voice and what’s going on with Russia and the Ukraine right now is wrong! You simply said you wished for Peace.”

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