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John Cena Gives Daniel Bryan Big Advice Regarding Bryan’s New Contract

John Cena - Doctor of Thuganomics

• Titus O’Neil On His Future Goals In WWE

In her recent Calgary Sun column, former SmackDown Women’s Champion and current RAW wrestler Natalya narrated a conversation she had with Titus O’Neil about his future aspirations.

Below is what Natalya wrote:

“On our past European tour, I asked Titus what his future aspirations were.

He said, “I’ve always had goals to be as successful as possible in multiple areas of my life. I feel I have everything it takes to be a champion in WWE. I also have goals of continuing success outside of the ring with my charitable efforts through my Family Foundation as well as hopefully venturing into movies and television.”

Titus said his favourite charities are his Bullard Family Foundation, United Way Suncoast and Metropolitan Ministries. Titus recently received the prestigious “Drum Major for Justice Award” from the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Parade Foundation as well as an NAACP Humanitarian Award and a Metropolitan Ministries “BridgeBuilder” award for helping raise more than $1 million to help homeless families become self-sufficient. That is indeed what making a difference is all about. I am incredibly proud of my friend.

As Titus would say, you truly get what you give. Bravo to you, Titus!”

• John Cena Gives Daniel Bryan Big Advice Regarding Bryan’s New Contract

According to DirtySheets.net, John Cena could possibly be holding up Daniel Bryan’s deal with the WWE. Bryan has yet to sign a new WWE deal, with WWE already laying out a 3-year extension on the table for him.

But it’s now being reported that John Cena has advised Bryan to hire ICM partners, who represent and manage John Cena, to help Bryan with his contract negotiations. ICM apparently hasn’t been present during the ongoing negotiations, but have been regularly consulting with Bryan to make sure he gets what is best for him.

The belief is that this could be Bryan’s last deal with the WWE, so they are advising him to secure a lengthy one and milk as much money and perks as possible—such as a request for creative control.

Bryan is undeniably one of WWE’s biggest assets, and surely the company wouldn’t want to easily lose him to New Japan after signing a huge deal with FOX to air SmackDown Live, which Bryan is a key part of.

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