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Jon Moxley On CM Punk: I Was Bending Over Backwards For This D**k

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• Jon Moxley On CM Punk: I Was Bending Over Backwards For This D**k

As we previously reported, CM Punk posted on his Instagram story that Jon Moxley (fka Dean Ambrose in WWE) refused to lose to him in AEW in 2022 and that Chris Jericho is a liar & a stooge (tap here to read the complete story).

Moxley appeared on his wife Renee Paquette’s podcast and was asked if he’d like to address Punk’s comments.

Below is what the former AEW & WWE Champion said:

“No, because nothing has unfolded. It’s f**king annoying. Just because somebody said some stupid sh*t on social media, like that’s not news, but it is and it ends up being a thing.

I don’t want to get dragged into this dumb sh*t. I could f**king unload on a lot of f**king people right now.

If I start getting dragged into this sh*t, it tempts me to do that, but I’m not gonna f**king sink to that level. But I will say this. I’m just gonna give you like a tidbit of information from my point of view.

The entire summer, I was not under contract. No contract, free agent. I was at SummerSlam weekend wrestling Desperado the day of SummerSlam. I f**king suplexed him on a bunch of aluminium cans and sh*t cut in half. It was f**king dope.

I could have walked into SummerSlam that night with the AEW f**king belt if I had been so inclined. Nobody knew that because I don’t put my sh*t out there in the world and let everybody know every f**king thing about my business.

I was not under contract. The reason being if you’re curious is because I got to rehab and my contract was coming up. They extended it for the time that I missed. Cool. I’m glad they did, actually, because I didn’t want to feel like I owed them anything.

So they extended it a little bit. It was coming up. They’re talking to me about it. The last thing I wanted to do when I first got out of rehab, because all they were telling me is like, basically, logic would tell you, don’t go back to wrestling because you’re just gonna fall into the same old habits, right?

So I wanted to just like, ease back into it and see what life was like on the other side, and the last thing I wanted to do was just hurry up and sign a big, long term commitment because what if, I don’t know, what if I should start to go off the rails?

Pretty quickly, I was like, man, actually being selfish is awesome. This is fantastic. I’m having so much fun. I was working with my friends, Blackpool Combat Club, me, Claudio, Bryan and Regal. This is great.

They’re talking to me about signing a new thing, and I was like, if everything just stays exactly as it is right now, I’ll be here forever. You can pay me in cash in an envelope at the end of the night. I don’t give a f**k. But I can’t tell you what I’m going to feel like in 6 months, especially not in 3 years or 5 years.

Once I make a commitment, then I will push through injuries and I will push myself too hard and I will do all these things that add up and it leads you down the road or whatever. So I was not in a hurry to make any kind of grand commitments at first.

That being said, during this time period, the night in f**king, what’s this d*ck talking about? It was in Indianapolis. Not Indianapolis. Minneapolis. It was the night he came back and was hopping around on one foot, bumping around Inner Circle or whatever after me and Jericho wrestled in a badass match, by the way. So we’re talking later about stuff.

Now keep in mind at this time, this is my whole point, I basically don’t work there. For all intents and purposes, I don’t even work here. Tony is not my boss. I don’t even have to be in this room. I don’t have to do sh*t.

So even me being in this room and offering and agreeing to a storyline that puts you over at the pay-per-view, if anything, I’m bending over backwards for Tony, and for this dude, and for the company, and everybody, because I didn’t have to. I didn’t have to do sh*t. If anything, I was bending over backwards. So, that’s it. It’s not even controversial.”

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