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Kurt Angle Reveals The Least Liked Guy In The WWE Locker Room

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Below are a couple of old school WWE stories involving Kurt Angle and Umaga:

• On a recent edition of his weekly ‘The Kurt Angle Show’ podcast, our 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist revealed who used to be the least liked guy in the locker room during his 1999-2006 run with the WWF/WWE.

Angle admitted that it was none other than John Bradshaw Layfield, who always ribbed everybody but at the same time was widely considered a bully.

Here’s what Kurt said about JBL:

“He was probably the least-liked guy in the locker room. He ribbed so many people and he kind of did it in a bully kind of way. He wasn’t really that mean.

A lot of the guys were a little afraid of him and some of them were just pissed off at him.

But I would say Bradshaw was the best heel in the business as a work, and as a shoot. By the way, I love Bradshaw.”

• During a recent appearance on The Road Dogg’s ‘Oh… You Didn’t Know’ podcast, WCW/WWE Veteran Shannon Moore stated that he wishes he passed away instead of the late Ruthless Aggression Era Veteran Umaga.

‘The Samoan Bulldozer’ Umaga passed away on December 4th 2009 at the young age of 36.

Here’s what Shannon Moore had to say:

“That probably hurt me more than anything. We’d just talk about his kids and he wanted to get an RV and travel with his kids and play Football.

When I got word that Umaga had died, just like, ‘Man, why couldn’t that have been me?’. I don’t have kids. I don’t have nothing, and I sobbed. It hit me hard, man. That’s probably the one that hit the hardest.”

The two were close personal friends behind the scenes and it was Umaga who helped Moore to get booked on the 2009 Hulkamania Tour in Australia.

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