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Kurt Angle’s New WWE T-Shirt, Funny 2K17 Video Of The Undertaker Making His Entrance As Fandango

Kurt Angle - "It's True, It's True" T-Shirt

– A YouTube user has made a video of swapped entrance themes of WWE Superstars and some of them ended up being too funny.

Below are the Superstars whose entrance got swapped:

The Undertaker as Fandango

Bray Wyatt as Stardust

Dolph Ziggler as Kalisto

The Miz as Nikki Bella

Triple H as Seth Rollins

John Cena as Bayley

AJ Styles as Shane McMahon

Braun Strowman as Tyler Breeze

The Rock & Roman Reigns as The Usos

Brock Lesnar as Goldberg

You can watch the video below:

– A new Kurt Angle T-Shirt is now available on WWE Shop and you can check it out below:

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