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Latest Update On Lars Sullivan’s WWE Status

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• Latest Update On Lars Sullivan’s WWE Status

Lars Sullivan was scheduled to make his WWE main roster debut on RAW earlier this year, but that didn’t happen because Lars reportedly suffered an “anxiety attack”.

While there’s no information available regarding when (or if) Lars will make his WWE main roster debut, ProWrestlingSheet is reporting that Lars took help from mental health professionals after this incident and is said to be in a good place now. Also, WWE officials have been incredibly accommodating the whole time.

While most reports are stating that Lars suffered an anxiety attack before his debut, that might not actually be the case.

According to The Dirty Sheets, 99% people backstage in WWE don’t believe Lars has these mental health issues as he has performed at NXT TakeOver shows (which have more attendance than RAWs). Also, Sullivan was scheduled to begin his WrestleMania 35 program with John Cena by attacking Cena in a backstage segment (where the audience wouldn’t be involved).

The real reason behind Lars leaving RAW and telling WWE officials that he’s suffering from all these issues could have something to do with the possibility of him failing WWE’s Wellness test.

According to the Dirty Sheets, all the new 6 WWE main roster wrestlers (at that time) that came up from NXT were instantly added to WWE’s Wellness Policy test list.

WWE’s wellness tests are done at random on Mondays and Tuesdays backstage at RAW & SmackDown respectively and the wrestlers being tested are selected randomly. Wrestlers on the main roster are tested at least once a month (more likely twice). On the other hand, wrestlers in NXT are tested once every 3 months.

Apparently Lars Sullivan didn’t have any prior information regarding this and he went on to leave the building once he saw his name was on the list of wrestlers that were scheduled to get tested on that night.

While the WWE can’t prove that Lars Sullivan is on anything as he didn’t take the test, his anxiety attack situation isn’t believed to be true by WWE officials.

Word going on is that Lars will now return when he thinks he’s “clean” and will pass the wellness test.

Whatever the truth is, this situation ended up costing Lars a WrestleMania 35 program with 16 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena.

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