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Major Update On Cody Rhodes’ WrestleMania 40 Storyline

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According to the Wrestling Observer, the storyline between Cody Rhodes and The Rock is 100% a work and it was done to get Cody more over as a babyface:

“100% work. It’s been 100% a work dating back for a while. Here’s the thing and it’ll all play out on Thursday however it plays out. But the thing is, whenever I was trying to find out what was going on, the one question that nobody could answer for me was, why did Cody Rhodes win the Royal Rumble?

Because if Rock was going to wrestle against Roman Reigns, and Punk was going to wrestle Seth Rollins, where does Cody fit in? I mean, he’s not going to not be on the card. He was top of the full-time wrestlers in the company. Cody was number one for the last year.

I mean, he was pushed the most, he never lost. I mean, it was very clear they were building something, he lost to Roman at WrestleMania. That’s his only singles loss I can even recall. He headlined all the house shows until Seth won that World Title. And then Seth headlined the house shows.

But Cody was the number two guy and really, Cody was probably a bigger star than Seth for most of the year, if not the entire year. How do you go to WrestleMania and have him win the Rumble, if there’s not a big plan for him? I mean, it’s pretty clear the idea somehow is, I was told, the Daniel Bryan thing. Again, why would he have won the Royal Rumble? Why didn’t Punk win the Rumble?

I mean, the idea for Punk is that Punk was going to win the Elimination Chamber. And that’s how that was going to work. It feels like to me watching the show that they’re going to have a men’s Elimination Chamber with Sami Zayn and Drew McIntyre as two of the guys and I’m sure there’ll be some others.

Because Sami Zayn is all of a sudden talking about the World Title and Drew McIntyre is all over everything, on every show. He’s in there with the top guys. So he can’t be sitting there doing nothing at WrestleMania either. So I guess we have to watch it all play out.

But when Logan Paul like starts with the hashtag, which was right away, or pretty quick. It was like, okay, they’re promoting this hashtag. And then Pat McAfee just opens the show with the hashtag, and they got all those signs that they’re focusing on.”

It should be noted that WWE was passing “We Want Cody” signs to the fans on last night’s RAW.

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