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Marty Jannetty Claims His Dark Side Of The Ring Episode Includes Lies

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Old School WWF Veteran Marty Jannetty was featured in the season 4 finale of VICE’s Dark Side of the Ring documentary series this week.

He took to Facebook and denied some of the accusations made in the episode, especially those by his ex-girlfriend Karen.

Here’s what Marty posted:

“Some of it wasn’t true..they didn’t fact check Karen.. Shawn threw me through a barber shop window..that was show biz..the night in Denver,

She wasn’t even there..but it’s ok, that’s why she’s an ex though, straight delusional.”

Marty Jannetty wrestled for the World Wrestling Federation from May 1988 to January 1992, teaming with Shawn Michaels as The Rockers, before returning as a singles wrestler from October 1992 to February 1994 and again from September 1995 to December 1996.

He also had a rather forgettable run in Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling between January 1998 and August 1998.

Jannetty wrestled his last documented professional wrestling match in June of 2018.

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