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Marty Jannetty On Why Ultimate Warrior Flipped At A Waitress

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During an interview with WrestlingNewsCo, Old School WWF Legend Marty Jannetty shared two funny stories from back in the day, involving The Ultimate Warrior.

As we all know, the late, great 2014 WWE Hall of Famer The Ultimate Warrior was one of the most controversial WWF Superstars in history, but at the same time also one of the most beloved babyfaces of the late 80s and early 90s.

Here’s a story Marty told about the time when Warrior was pulled over by a cop:

“I love him (Ultimate Warrior). I mean, was it crazy? Yeah! We were going to the gym, we were actually following him to the gym and it was up in Detroit. And he had went the wrong way on a one way. You know like a one way street. He was going the wrong way. Well, it doesn’t make us feel better, we were following him and the police pulled him over.

And he jumped out the car and ran at the police car. And, ‘What the f**k you want? What you f**king doing?’. And the police, he lowered his window, and he goes, ‘You’re going the wrong way’.”

Then Jannetty told another story, that included Warrior berating a waitress:

“There was another time. He was a damn bodybuilder. You know our regular routine, and he had ordered egg whites, which I love too. But when they bought them to him, they were floating in butter.

The whole purpose of getting egg whites is you’re trying to cut the calories out. And oh my god! He knocked it out of the f**king table. We’re sitting there and he yelled at the girl. ‘Why the f**k would I want f**king egg whites with butter all over?’.”

The Ultimate Warrior, a legendary figure in the World Wrestling Federation during the late 1980s and early 1990s, was known for his intense energy, colorful persona, and face paint. With his wild, high-octane powerhouse wrestling style, he became one of the WWF’s most iconic and beloved superstars.

Warrior’s memorable victory against Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania VI cemented his status as a true legend and a pro-wrestling icon.

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