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Matt Hardy On How He Responded To JBL Being Abusive In Their Matches

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During a recent episode of his weekly ‘Extreme Life of Matt Hardy’ podcast, the former WWF Tag Team Champion spoke about receipts and not letting your opponent taking advantage of you in a match.

Here’s what Matt Hardy had to say:

“I’ve never actually given anyone a receipt. There have been times where I’ve realized that I need to fight back.

There was a time when we were working with The Acolytes, and they were beating the sh*t out of us.

They dropped the Titles to us, we were the Tag Team Champions, and we worked a couple of times after that, and I’m like ‘Holy sh*t, they can have these Titles back. We’re in the record books, I’m good’.

I was like ‘I don’t know how much longer I can take this. This is like abusive!’.

And then when we were in there, Bradshaw beat me down in the corner. I remember beating him as hard as I could in the face, and the next thing I had was just a very soft jab to the face.

So, it’s one of those things where the old-timers, where guys would beat you up and take advantage of you, until you didn’t let them.

Until, like, you stood up for yourself. I think that was kind of a case of that.”

Matt Hardy first made his World Wrestling Federation debut in 1994 and wrestled as a singles jobber as well as doing Tag Team jobs with his brother Jeff Hardy on WWF TV until they became full-time roster WWF Superstars by 1999, at the peak of the legendary Attitude Era.

Matt worked for the WWF/WWE as mostly a Tag Team wrestler but also as a singles wrestler until October 2010 and joined Dixie Carter’s ‘Total Nonstop Action!’ in January 2011.

He then wrestled for TNA till August 2011 and again from July 2014 to February 2017, and both Hardy Boyz returned to WWE as a surprise at the WrestleMania 33 pay-per-view, where they won the RAW Tag Team Championship in a Ladder Match.

Matt Hardy stayed with WWE until March 2020 and then joined Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling right away, where he was once again reunited with his brother Jeff.

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