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Melina Got Death Threats While Dating WWE Wrestler

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During an interview on the ‘Wrestling Shoot Interviews’ (WSI) channel, former WWE Women’s Champion Melina revealed that she used to get death threats while she was dating John Morrison (aka Johnny Nitro) back in the day.

Here’s what Melina had to say:

“I think the only times like say things have gotten crazy is like when I dated John (Morrison). I got a lot of death threats all the time. People wanted to kill me and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! Like what if this is how I die? Like, somebody just, because I’m dating you’.

I was like, ‘Dude!’ and he’s like, ‘Nothing’s gonna happen to you’. ‘Oh no, some of these people are really serious’. Yeah ( jealous women were sending death threats).”

After some time in WWE’s developmental promotion Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) and some uncredited cameos on WWE TV, Melina had her official World Wrestling Entertainment debut on the April 14th 2005 episode of ‘SmackDown!’ as the valet of MNM.

Melina wrestled for WWE until she was released in 2011, but 11 years later entered the 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble match as a surprise entrant, where she only lasted 53 seconds though.

Below are Melina’s top accomplishments in pro-wrestling:

– 3x WWE Women’s Champion

– 2x WWE Divas Champion

– 1x WOW Women’s Champion

WATCH: Melina’s Huge Knockers:

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