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“Mentally, I’m not here. I’m gonna go away for a while” – Tommy Dreamer After Last Night’s Event

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• “Mentally, I’m not here. I’m gonna go away for a while” – Tommy Dreamer After Last Night’s Event

ECW Legend Tommy Dreamer is going away from IMPACT Wrestling for a while.

Before last night’s Rebellion PPV (where Team Dreamer defeated Team Bully Ray in a Hardcore War), Dreamer informed IMPACT Officials that he’s going to take some time off because his mother is hospitalized.

IMPACT Officials told him he doesn’t have to compete at the PPV, but Dreamer insisted he will wrestle and then take time off.

After the PPV, Dreamer said the following backstage:

“I’ve known Frankie Kazarian since the original ECW, he was just starting training. He came up with Killer Kowalski, and he got in the ring, and years later we joke about it, where he was like, ‘This was the greatest experience and the scariest experience in my life.’

Tonight was a pure example of what I love about professional wrestling. It’s an escape. It’s an escape for me. There’s no other place I wanted to be than the middle of that ring tonight.

I have received so much love from the professional wrestling community. I just gotta say thank you. I’m gonna go away for a while. Mentally, I’m not here, and I gotta get better. Somebody else needs my love. Yuya, Bhupinder, Killer Kelly, Frankie, I wish the world always sees through my eyes.

When I walk out there, I see a whole mass of people from different countries, races, creeds, all showing their love for one thing, and that’s professional wrestling. It’s a beautiful world that I’ve lived in, and it’s gonna be the hardest one that I have to leave.

But again, for tonight, I just want to say thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me. I have literally wrestled in front of billions of people. Thank you for today, thank you for everything. I love you guys.”

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• Old School WWF Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Veteran Nailz (Real name: Kevin Wacholz) turns 65 today.

He’s one of the very few Old School Wrestlers, whom Vince is most likely never going to forgive, after Nailz choked him out during a dispute over a paycheck in late 1992.

Needless to say he was fired on the spot and never mentioned again.

WCW brought him in as ‘The Prisoner’ just a few months later for their Slamboree 1993 PPV, where Wacholz jobbed to Sting in 5 minutes.

If not for his long career (which he didn’t have), at least he gets remembered for having a WWF Hasbro Figure, that was actually selling really well.


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