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Michael Cole’s Reaction To Jade Cargill Lifting Nia Jax Goes Viral

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Former AEW TBS Women’s Champion Jade Cargill finally made her WWE in-ring debut during the 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble match.

She was one of the final 3 women left in the match, before Liv Morgan eliminated her.

Jade had an impressive showing during the match, where she lifted Nia Jax and flexed, before eliminating her.

WWE has released Michael Cole’s reaction to this moment and you can watch it below:

Speaking of Jade, the Wrestling Observer is reporting that Jade is facing issues in remembering stuff in the ring:

“The one thing about Jade Cargill, everybody sold for her and everything like that. But you know, you can see it’s AEW Jade Cargill. And I mean, it’s like she’s not at the level of pretty much anyone else.

She was very messy. She does need to get on the road.

I was told that she has a hard time remembering a lot of stuff. And so she needs to get out there and start doing a bunch of matches with veteran WWE women on the road. Get her ready. If she’s going to make her big WrestleMania debut.”

New Video: Jade Cargill Forcefully Kisses Tay Melo:

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