Mid-South Wrestling / UWF Universal Wrestling Federation (1986)

Mid-South Wrestling 1/4/86
• Dick Slater vs. Dr. Death (TV Title Tournament Quarter Finals)
• Butch Reed vs. Mike Scott
• Bruise Brothers vs. Eddie Gilbert & The Nightmare
• Jake Roberts vs. Buzz Sawyer (TV Title Tournament Quarter Finals)
• Humongous vs. Perry Jackson
• Al Perez & Ricky Gibson vs. Rob Ricksteiner & Ricky Starr

Mid-South Wrestling 1/11/86
• Dick Slater vs. Jim Duggan (JIP from TV Title Tournament Semi Finals)
~ Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death Interview
• Tag Team Champions Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death vs. JR Hogg & Shawn O’Reilly
• Dick Slater vs Butch Reed
• Buzz Sawyer vs. Perry Jackson
• Dick Murdoch & Masked Superstar Interview
• Dick Murdoch & Masked Superstar vs. Tommy Wright & Steve Doll
• The Nightmare, JR Hogg & Joe Malcolm vs. Brett Wayne Sawyer, Al Perez & Ricky Gibson
• Terry Taylor vs. The Nightmare

Mid-South Wrestling 1/18/86
• Al Perez & Brett Wayne Sawyer vs. Gustavo Mendoza & Joe Malcolm
~ Dick Slater Interview
• Jake Roberts vs. Dick Slater (TV title Tournament final, 1/1/86)
• Buzz Sawyer vs. Steve Doll (Butch Reed makes the save for poor Steve Doll, only to have Dick Murdoch attack Reed and deliver a brain
buster on the concrete floor!)
• Eddie Gilbert vs. Tommy Wright
• Terry Taylor vs. Humongous
• Ted Dibiase vs. Gustavo Mendoza (Dick Murdoch & Masked Superstar attack Dibiase, Dr. Death makes the save)
~ Fabulous Ones video (“Everybody Wants You”)

Mid-South Wrestling 1/25/86
~ Announcement of Slater as N.A. Chamo, Clips of Slater vs. Jake Roberts in the TV Title Tournament Finals.
• Butch Reed vs. Buzz Sawyer (JIP from Oklahoma City 12/31/85)
~ Clips of Dibiase & Dr. Death vs. Murdoch & Superstar feud
~ Dick Murdoch & Masked Superstar Interview
~ Terry Taylor Interview
~ Terry Taylor music video (“When the Going Gets Tough”)
• Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death vs. Eddie Gilbert & The Nightmare
~ Dick Slater Interview (Jake Roberts/Slater confrontation, Jake DDT’s Dark Journey!)
• Fabulous Ones vs. Ricky Gibson & Steve Doll
• Buzz Sawyer vs. Joe Malcolm
• Dick Murdoch & Masked Superstar vs. Brett Wayne Sawyer & Al Perez

Mid-South Wrestling 2/1/86
~ Dick Slater Interview (Jake Roberts/Slater confrontation, Jake DDT’s Dark Journey!)
~ Jake Roberts Interview
~ Dick Slater Interview
• North American Champion Dick Slater vs. Jake Roberts (No DQ Match from SHC, Jake wins the gold!)
~ Al Perez music video (“Winning”)
~ Al Perez demonstrates his belly to back suplex on a wrestling dummy. Al Perez is interviews by Jim Ross when Buzz Sawyer interrupts.
• Bruise Brothers vs. Joe Malcolm & JR Hogg
• Terry Taylor vs. Shawn O’Reilly
• Fabulous Ones vs. Brett Wayne Sawyer & Ricky Gibson
• Masked Superstar (w/Murdoch) vs. Steve Doll
• Tag Team Champions Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death vs. Rick Steiner & Gustavo Mendoza (After the match the Champions are confronted by the
Fabulous Ones)
~ Jim Duggan music video

Mid-South Wrestling 2/8/86
• Taras Bulba (w/Humperdink) vs. Perry Jackson
~ Interview w/Oliver Humperdink, Taras Bulba & Eddie Gilbert (Gilbert has Bulba attack Humperdink. Eddie says it’s revenge for
Humperdink originally firing him “a year ago”)
~ Dick Slater Interview
• Dick Slater vs. Ricky Gibson
• Buzz Sawyer vs. Al Perez (Perez is replaced by HACKSAW DUGGAN who returns to MSW! Buzz runs off before the match. Duggan cuts
a promo after Buzz high tails it.)
• Koko B. Ware vs. Joe Malcolm
• Sheepherders vs. Brett Wayne Sawyer & Steve Doll
• TV Champion Jake Roberts vs. Gustavo Mendoza

Mid-South Wrestling 2/15/86
~ Koko B. Ware music video (“The Bird”)
• Koko B. Ware vs. Rob Ricksteiner
• Sheepherders vs. Ricky Gibson & Perry Jackson
~ Sheepherders Interview
• Taras Bulba (w/Eddie Gilbert) vs. Steve Doll
• TV Champion Jake Roberts vs. Joe Malcolm (Jake Roberts/Dick Slater Confrontation. Terry Taylor challenges both men in hopes for a N.A.
Title bout)
• Masked Superstar vs. Brett Wayne Sawyer
• Terry Taylor vs. Gustavo Mendoza
~ Terry Taylor music video (When the going gets tough)

Mid-South Wrestling 2/23/86
~ Eddie Gilbert Interview (Eddie announces his “retirement”)
• Sheepherders vs. Ricky Gibson & Al Perez
• Tag Team Champions Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death vs. Dick Murdoch & Masked Superstar (A Second Masked Superstar debuts and attacks
the champs)
• Koko B. Ware vs. Shawn O’Reilly
• Kortsia Korchenko (w/Eddie Gilbert) vs. Perry Jackson
• Brett Wayne Sawyer & Dave Peterson vs. Rob Ricksteiner & Mike Scott
• Jim Duggan vs. Gustavo Mendoza
• Rock N’ Roll Express vs. Fabulous Ones (No finish shown)

Mid-South Wrestling 3/1/86
• Sheepherders vs. Bruise Brothers
~ Terry Taylor Interview (will meet Jake in a #1 contenders match)
~ Jake Roberts Interview (will meet Taylor in a #1 contenders match)
• Buzz Sawyer vs. Al Perez
• Masked Superstars (w/Murdoch) vs. Steve Doll & Dave Peterson
• Taras Bulba (w/Eddie Gilbert) vs. Tracey Smothers
• Rock & Roll Express & Ricky Gibson vs. Rob Ricksteiner, Shawn O’Reilley & Mike Scott
• Koko B. Ware vs. Gustavo Mendoza
• Terry Taylor vs. Jake Roberts (#1 Contenders match)

Mid-South Wrestling 3/8/86
Bill Watts announces Mid South will change names in two weeks
Dick Slater vs. Jake Robers (Slater wins TV Title)
DarK Journey & Slater taped interview
Terry Taylor vs. Mike Scott
Koko B. Ware vs. Eddie Gilbert
Sheepherders challenge Dr. Death & DiBiase
Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death vs Gustavo Mendoza & Shawn O’Reilly
Ron Ellis vs. Kortsia Korchenko (w/Eddie Gilbert)
Perry Jackson & Steve Doll vs. The Bladerunners
Dick Murdoch & Masked Superstar vs. Rick Gibson & Tracy Smothers

Mid-South Wrestling 3/15/86 Missing – FINAL MID SOUTH SHOW

Universal Wrestling Federation 3/22/86 FIRST UWF SHOW
Dr. Death & Ted Dibiase vs The Sheepherders
Dick Slater gives TV title to Buzz Sawyer

Universal Wrestling Federation 3/29/86
Jim Ross & Bill Watts discussing Crockett Cup ’86
Sheepherders vs Steve Williams & Ted Dibiase, UWF TV, 3/22/86 (JIP – the Sheepherders win the Mid-South Tag titles)
Steve Williams vs Taras Bulba
Buzz Sawyer vs Hacksaw Duggan, UWF TV, 3/22/86 (JIP – Duggan wins North American title)
Buzz Sawyer & Rick Steiner vs Ron Ellis & Perry Jackson
Bill Watts Stripping Dick Slater of TV Title (Slater gave the title to Sawyer the previous week but is now claiming it’s his since Buzz Sawyer lost
the North American title on his behalf. Watts isn’t letting that happen.)
Blade Runners video
Buzz Sawyer vs David Peterson (Sawyer defends his new TV title)
Dick Slater asking Buzz Sawyer for the TV title back (Sawyer refuses)
Blade Runners vs Sean O’Reilly & Ken Massey
Kortsia Korchenko vs Tracey Smothers
Sheepherders vs Steve Williams & Rick Gibson

Universal Wrestling Federation 4/5/86
Kortsia Korchenko vs Ricky Gibson
Crockett Cup ’86 Video
Bill Dundee & Buddy Landel vs Brett Sawyer & Sean O’Reilly
Hacksaw Duggan vs Rick Steiner (No match – Dick Slater comes in and challenges Duggan, so they brawl & then you get lots of run-ins)
Jack Victory Introducing Lady Maxine
Sheepherders vs Fantastics (the Fantastics win the UWF tag title)

Universal Wrestling Federation 4/12/86
Rick Gibson vs Buzz Sawyer
Dick Slater vs Tracy Smothers
Jack Victory & Lady Maxine interview
Blade Runners vs. David Peterson & Perry Jackson
Clips of The Fantastics winning the UWF tag title with locker room interview
The Fantastics vs Gustavo Mendoza & Tarus Bulba
Terry Taylor vs. Jack Victory w/Lady Maxine
Eddie Gilbert vs. Koko B. Ware (Steve Williams makes the save)

Universal Wrestling Federation 4/19/86
Brett Wayne vs Gustavo Mendoza
Ricky Gibson vs Kamala
Sit down interview in a restaurant with Eddie Gilbert & Kortisa Korchenko
Kortisa Korchenko vs Perry Jackson
Koko B. Ware w/Steve Williams vs. Rick Steiner w/Buzz Sawyer
Sheepherders & Jack Victory vs. The Fantastics & Terry Taylor

Universal Wrestling Federation 4/26/86
Gustavo Mendoza vs David Peterson
Crockett Cup ’86 highlights
Tracy Smothers vs Buzz Sawyer w/Rick Steiner
History of Kamala vs Jim Duggan
Perry Jackson vs Kamala
Jack Victory w/Lady Maxine vs. Steve Williams
Jim Duggan vs. Dick Slater (Eddie Gilbert & Korchenko attack the Hacksaw before the bell)

Universal Wrestling Federation 5/3/86
Gustavo Mendoza vs Brett Wayne
Bill Watts announces a $1M contract for the Freebirds followed by the contract signing video
Tracy Smothers vs Korchenko (Smothers gets burried under the Soviet flag)
David Peterson & Chavo Gurrerro vs Buzz Sawyer & Rick Steiner
Ted Dibiase “Bad Reputation” video
The Sheepherders w/Jack Victory & Lady Maxine vs. The Fantastics w/Steve Williams

Universal Wrestling Federation 5/10/86
Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts vs David Peterson & ••• (Finish Only)
Hacksaw Duggan & Koko B Ware vs Sting & Kortsia Korchenko (Steve Williams runs in to keep Duggan from being buried under the Soviet
flag. Skandor Akbar then tries to burn Williams with a fireball but Duggan is able to block it with a chair.)
Terry Taylor vs Jack Victory (TV time runs out)

Universal Wrestling Federation 5/17/86
Announcement of UWF title tournament in Houston
Kamala vs Tracy Smothers
Kortsia Korchenko vs Perry Jackson (Steve Williams runs in and attacks Korchenko then he gets jumped; Ted Dibiase makes his return by
saving Doc)
Bill Watts Telling Eddie Gilbert the Soviet flag is banned (He’s sick & tired of seeing guys buried under the flag so he tells Gilbert it’s banned;
huge brawl ensues)
Ted Dibiase vs Gustavo Mendoza (Michael Hayes makes his debut as a color commentator)
Interview w/the “Bad Girls of the UWF” (Dark Journey & Lady Maxine)
Jack Victory vs David Peterson
Fantastics vs Buzz Sawyer & Rick Steiner (TV time runs out)

Universal Wrestling Federation 5/24/86
Dark Journey throwing a drink on Lady Maxine, 5/17/86 (Clip)
Gustavo Mendoza vs Perry Jackson (Gustavo gets a win!)
UWF Fundraiser Ad
Ted Dibiase vs Gary Young
Bill Watts brawling with Eddie Gilbert, the Blade Runners & Kortsia Korchenko, 5/17/86 (JIP)
Interview w/Bill Watts Re: Comback match against the Russians
Sheepherders vs Brett Sawyer & Tracy Smothers
Kamala vs Dave Peterson (No match – Hacksaw Duggan attacks Kamala)
Hacksaw Duggan vs Kamala (Duggan kicks out of the Kamala splash!)
Jack Victory & Lady Maxine vs Dark Journey & ••• (Maxine & Victory challenged Dark Journey to get a partner for a mixed match so she
comes to the ring with no one. Victory & Maxine beat her up.)
Michael Hayes vs Terry Taylor (No Match – Hayes has said he won’t wrestle if Ted Dibiase does commentary for his match. Dibiase obliges
him – leaving the booth to come to the ring…)
Michael Hayes vs Ted Dibiase (The crowd is hot for this impromptu match; TV time runs out)

Universal Wrestling Federation 5/31/86
Ted Dibiase challenging Michael Hayes, 5/24/86 (Clip)
Hype for the 6/14/86 Superdome show
Rick Steiner vs Perry Jackson (Before the match, Eddie Gilbert comes out and apologizes to Bill Watts for his actions over the last few weeks;
Watts, however, doesn’t come out)
One Man Gang vs Ken Massey
Interview w/Michael Hayes & Dark Journey
Eddie Gilbert & the Russians (Koloffs & Korchenko) bury Bill Watts under Soviet flag
Steve Williams vs Gustavo Mendoza
Ted Dibiase & Terry Taylor vs Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts
Fantastics vs Ivan & Nikita Koloff (No match – we get a huge brawl before the match can even start instead.)

Universal Wrestling Federation 6/7/86
Kamala vs. Mike Reed
Review of the Bill Watts history with Gilbert and the Russian Flag
Bill Watts interview from outside his home
Korchenko, Ivan & Nikita Koloff w/Eddie Gilbert vs Jeff Gaylord, Ken Massey & Perry Jackson
Freebirds “Can’t Stop Rockin'” video
Jack Victory w/Lady Maxine vs Brett Sawyer (Dark Journey attacks Lady Maxine)
Video on Jim Duggan retiring the North American title & the UWF title tournament
Buzz Sawyer w/Rick Steiner vs. Terry Taylor w/Chavo Gurrero (Taylor wins the TV title)

Universal Wrestling Federation 6/14/86
Jim Ross reads a letter “from Dark Journey” to Michael Hayes
The Shadow vs Steve Williams
Tommy Gilbert talks about his son’s actions. In short he’s embarrased by Hot Stuff and resigns as a referee. Bill Watts won’t accept Tommy’s
The Blade Runners & Korchenko w/ Eddie Gilbert (who has a poster of Bill Watts burried under the flag) vs. Jeff Gaylord, Perry Jackson &
Brett Sawyer
Video on UWF Champion Terry Gordy featuring footage from Japan
Tommy Gilbert thanks the UWF for not accepting his resignation and says he doesn’t want Eddie hurt but hopes Watts can “straighten” Hot
Stuff out.
Buzz Sawyer vs Ted Dibiase (Dibiase taunts Michael Hayes before the match)
Jim Ross selects the winner of the UWF trival contest
The Fantastics vs. The Sheepherders

Universal Wrestling Federation 6/21/86
The Sheepherders complain about Tommy Gilbert reversing the decision in their match against the Fantastics last week.
Buddy Roberts w/Michael Hayes vs. Terry Taylor
Video on the 6/14/86 Superdome show including the ending of Ric Flair vs. Ricky Morton
Dark Journey introduces Missing Link as her mystery wrestler who squashes Gustavo Mendoza
Video feature on Devistation Inc.
Kamala & One Man Gang vs Brett Sawyer & Ken Massey
Koko B. Ware vs The Shadow
Terry Gordy vs Jeff Gaylord (Jim Duggan tries to take the match leading to a confrontation with Michael Hayes – Gordy & Duggan, Hayes &
Dibiase brawl as the credits roll)

Universal Wrestling Federation 6/28/86
The Libyan vs. Terry Taylor
Steve Williams & Terry Gordy trade interviews in advance of their title match
Terry Gordy vs Steve Williams (Bill Watts returns and counts the pin after a ref bump)
Jim Duggan talks about his injury in the UWF tournament
Eddie Gilbert cuts a promo on Bill Watts saying the Cowboy has run out Korchenko and Rock
Sting vs. Bill Watts (Freebirds run in and Gordy hits Watts with the Oriental Spike)
Gustavo Mendoza vs. Koko B. Ware
Bill Watts locker room interview selling injuries from the spike
Missing Link w/Dark Journey vs. Jack Victory (Lady Maxine is gone and Victory looses the match vowing revenge with “one phone call.”)

Universal Wrestling Federation 7/5/86
Missing Link vs Jack Victory, 6/28/86 (Clip – Dark Journey slaps Victory)
Chavo Guerrero vs Ken Massey
Terry Gordy vs Steve Williams, 6/28/86 (Last couple minutes – Bill Watts counts the pin after a ref bump)
Freebirds & Sting attacking Bill Watts, 6/28/86
Interview w/Bill Watts
Freebirds vs Duggan/Dibiase/Taylor Brawl
Sting vs Brett Sawyer
Kamala vs Missing Link (Tatum, Victory & Missy Hyatt all attack Dark Journey)
Interview w/John Tatum, Jack Victory & Missy Hyatt (Tatum calls Hyatt “Melissa”)
Fantastics vs Gustavo Mendoza & The Libyan
Terry Gordy, Buddy Roberts & Michael Hayes vs Ted Dibiase, Terry Taylor & Hacksaw Duggan (TV time runs out)

Universal Wrestling Federation 7/12/86
Freebirds vs Dibiase/Duggan/Taylor, 7/5/86 (Clip)
Gary Young vs The Libyan
Ted Dibiase vs Terry Gordy, New Orleans (Finish Only – Dibiase jobs 100% clean, then all 3 Freebirds spike-piledrive Steve Williams on the
Interview w/Ted Dibiase
Interview w/Bill Watts
Chavo Guerrero vs Gustavo Mendoza
Fantastics vs John Tatum & Jack Victory (Missy Hyatt rakes Tommy Rogers’ eyes, then slaps him,then Dark Journey slaps Missy)
Terry Taylor vs Buddy Roberts
One Man Gang vs Hacksaw Duggan (TV time runs out)

Universal Wrestling Federation 7/19/86
Sting vs Ken Massey
Chavo Guerrero vs The Libyan
Sheepherders vs Brett Sawyer & Gary Young
Rick Steiner vs Koko B. Ware
Freebirds vs Bill Watts, Terry Taylor & Hacksaw Duggan (This is supposed to be a 2 vs 2 tag match but Watts comes to the ring with a
baseball bat, so Hayes refuses to come to the ring. Watts comes to the broadcast platform to get him, though, and we end up with Duggan and
Buddy Roberts joining in for a heated 6-man.)

Universal Wrestling Federation 7/26/86
Michael Hayes giving Jim Ross a “Badstreet” t-shirt
Koko B. Ware vs The Libyan
One Man Gang vs Gary Young
Michael Hayes kissing Dark Journey and getting slapped
Eddie Gilbert announces a merger between Hot Stuff Inc. and Hyatt International
Missy Hyatt confirms this in a poolside interview
Eddie Gilbert pays off Jack Victory to get his match leading to…
Eddie Gilbert vs Brett Sawyer (Sawyer takes a brutal “Hot Shot” and scores the upset)
Fantastics vs Joe Malcolm & Gustavo Mendoza
Freebirds vs Bill Watts, Jim Duggan & Terry Taylor

Universal Wrestling Federation 8/2/86
Jeff Gaylord vs Joe Malcolm
Clip of Freebirds piledriving Steve Williams, 6/29/86
Brett Sawyer vs John Tatum
Fantastics vs Sting & Eddie Gilbert (Sting & Gilbert win UWF tag titles)
“Boys Are Back In Town” Freebirds video (they’re rerunning the video “due to popular demand”, only this time they intercut it with not-so-
flattering video of the ‘birds)
Rick Steiner vs Ken Massey
Kamala vs Koko B. Ware (TV time runs out)

Universal Wrestling Federation 8/9/86
Fantastics vs Sting & Eddie Gilbert (Finish only from previous week – Sting & Gilbert win UWF tag titles)
Joe Savoldi vs The Libyan
Hacksaw Duggan vs Kamala, Houston (JIP – Duggan slams Kamala)
Video Feature: UWF’s first Dallas show, 7/27/86
Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams Video, “Living in America”
Terry Taylor vs Jeff Raitz
Ted Dibiase/Michael Hayes Brawl (Hayes is doing color commentary when Dibiase comes out to challenge him; they brawl briefly

before Hayes flees and Dibiase takes over on color)
Gustavo Mendoza vs Bobby Perez
Fantastics & Missing Link vs Sting, Eddie Gilbert & John Tatum

Universal Wrestling Federation 8/16/86
Gustavo Mendoza vs Gary Young
Special Feature: Hyatt & Hot Stuff International
Sting & Rick Steiner vs Brett Sawyer & The Glassman (After the match, Missy Hyatt celebrates by kissing Eddie Gilbert)
One Man Gang vs Jeff Raitz (After the match, OMG challenges both Terry Gordy and Hacksaw Duggan to a title shot against the winner of
their upcoming title match. BOTH guys come out and start brawling with OMG. Then a whole bunch of other guys come out and we get a big
brawl. Wild stuff.)
One Man Gang & General Skandor Akbar demanding a title shot (Both guys refuse to leave the ring until OMG is promised a title shot. Ken
Mantell comes out and kicks them both out of the building.)
Terry Gordy vs Hacksaw Duggan (TV time runs out)

Universal Wrestling Federation 8/23/86
Brawl from previous week, 8/16/86
Terry Gordy vs Hacksaw Duggan, 8/16/86 (Finish only – Buddy Roberts and Ted Dibiase, under a mask, run in)
Freebirds calling for suspension of Ted Dibiase (Both Hayes & Dibiase were told to stay in the back for the Gordy/Duggan match or they’d be
suspended. Since Dibiase came out, the Freebirds want him suspended. But he was under a mask so Ken Mantell refuses.)
Joe Savoldi vs Gustavo Mendoza (Mendoza takes a hurricanrana from Savoldi and lands straight on his head – BRUTAL.)
Savannah Jack vs Ken Massey (Jack yells “Get up white boy!” at Massey – drawing some uncomfortable commentary from Hayes & Ross)
Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts vs Gary Young & Brett Sawyer (Lots of run-ins and a brawl)
Jim Ross Lunch w/John Tatum (Ross & Tatum are supposed to meet Missy Hyatt for lunch but she’s late. When she finally shows, she’s got
Eddie Gilbert in her limousine with her. Tatum gets in, but now there’s no room for Ross. So he’s left there.)
Fantastics vs Sting & Eddie Gilbert (Eddie hits his father, ref Tommy Gilbert, with Missy Hyatt’s loaded purse then John Tatum runs in and
blinds Bobby Fulton with powder, leading to a pinfall. Tommy Gilbert figures out what’s going on and ends up holding up the UWF tag titles.)

Universal Wrestling Federation 8/30/86
Brett Sawyer vs Art Crews
Recap & Interviews regarding tag titles being held up
Rick Steiner & Jack Victory vs Jeff Gaylord & Ken Massey
Chavo Guerrero vs The Libyan
Hacksaw Duggan vs Savannah Jack (No match – Duggan gets triple-teamed before the match and then whipped with a belt)
Terry Taylor vs John Tatum (Eddie Gilbert throws powder but it backfires…)

Universal Wrestling Federation 9/6/86
Hacksaw Duggan being attacked & whipped, 8/30/86
Rick Steiner vs Gary Young
Jack Victory & John Tatum vs Joe Savoldi & Jeff Gaylord
Bill Irwin vs Jeff Raitz
Video Feature: WFIA Convention
Computerized Top 10 Ranking
Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams vs Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts (Lumberjack Tag – ends in a huge brawl when all the lumberjacks start
fighting with each other; it gets broken up, then Hayes & Roberts come back out and another brawl ensues. Great stuff.)

Universal Wrestling Federation 9/13/86
Skandor Akbar introducing Wild Bill Irwin, 9/6/86
Gary Young vs Gustavo Mendoza
One Man Gang & Wild Bill Irwin vs Jeff Gaylord & Jeff Raitz
Fantastics vs Sting & Eddie Gilbert (John Tatum & Missing Link both run in)
Interview w/Ted Dibiase (Clip of Michael Hayes whipping Dibiase, 9/6/86)
Terry Taylor vs Michael Hayes (Hayes takes the ref’s belt and uses it to whip Taylor; Dibiase runs in for the save)
Missing Link vs John Tatum (Valet for a Day – Eddie Gilbert’s interference backfires when he gets pushed off the top rope onto Tatum, leading
to Tatum losing and Dark Journey winning Missy Hyatt as a valet for a day. Tatum then punches Gilbert and we get Tatum & Jack Victory
squaring off against Eddie Gilbert & Sting. Missy leaves with Tatum & Victory.)
Skandor Akbar & One Man Gang challenging Jim Duggan

Universal Wrestling Federation 9/20/86
Clip of Williams/Dibiase vs Hayes/Roberts, 9/6/86 (Hayes whips Dibiase)
Clip of Hayes whipping Taylor, 9/13/86
The Glassman vs The Libyan
Steve Williams & Bill Watts visiting the University of Oklahoma
Terry Gordy vs Steve Williams (After a couple ref bumps, we get two refs counting a simultaneous pinfall on both guys with BOTH lifting their
shoulders at two – but each ref sees only one guy lift their shoulders.)
UWF Top 10 Rankings
Special Feature: Breakup of Hyatt & Hot Stuff International
Leroy Brown vs Bobby Perez (Danny Hodge does commentary)
Michael Hayes vs Iceman Parsons (TV Time runs out as Hayes whips Parsons & Ted Dibiase)

Universal Wrestling Federation 9/27/86
Clip of Michael Hayes whipping Iceman Parsons & Ted Dibiase, 9/20/86
Joe Savoldi vs Jeff Raitz
Re-Cap of UWF title double pin situation (title returned to Gordy)
Buddy Roberts vs Bobby Perez
Terry Taylor vs One Man Gang (Akbar & his army run in and bloody Taylor)
Valey for a Day (Missy Hyatt cleaning Dark Journey’s house
Iceman Parsons & Chavo Guerrero vs Sting & Rick Steiner (Tatum & Victory run in to brawl with Sting & Steiner)

Universal Wrestling Federation 10/4/86
Joel Watts gives a check to the state of Arkansas to pay for a Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Iceman Parsons vs Art Crews (Chris Adams comes out and does a promo introducing himself to the crowd; he breaks kayfabe by saying he
never lost the WCCW World title despite WCCW saying Black Bart beat him. Akbar comes out & challenges him to a match vs Savannah
Buddy Roberts vs Terry Taylor, 9/28/86 (Pinfall only – Roberts wins UWF TV title)
Missing Link vs Gustavo Mendoza
Chris Adams vs Savannah Jack (Akbar runs in & they double-team Adams)
Leroy Brown vs Jeff Gaylord
Fantastics vs Sting & Eddie Gilbert

Universal Wrestling Federation 10/11/86
Chris Adams vs Gustavo Mendoza
Terry Gordy vs Steve Williams (No match – Hacksaw Duggan comes out and issues a challenge to the winner of the match, whoever that might
be. Michael Hayes is on commentary and he complains about Duggan’s presence, rightly saying the refs need to make him go away. When they
don’t do that quickly enough, he goes down to ringside and gets into a fight with Duggan. Williams & Gordy then jump in as well. At that point,
One Man Gang & Leroy Brown come down to ringside and also begin brawling. Gordy & Hayes use that opportunity to jump on Williams and
injure his left arm. GREAT ANGLE!)
Terry Gordy vs Steve Williams (Doc comes back out and wrestles one-armed until Gordy pulls out some brass knux and KOs him.)
John Tatum & Jack Victory vs Iceman Parsons & Missing Link (Turns into a big mess when Dark Journey & Missy Hyatt get into a catfight.)

Universal Wrestling Federation 10/18/86
Missy Hyatt/Dark Journey catfight, 10/11/86
Buddy Landel vs Jeff Raitz
Jack Victory vs Joe Savoldi (Eddie Gilbert comes out to ringside and gives Missy Hyatt a box of candy. Jim Ross & Michael Hayes on
commentary say that won’t be enough to woo Missy – and they’re right! She takes the candy but doesn’t leave with Eddie.)
Chavo Guerrero vs Gary Young
Special Feature: Buddy Roberts
Missing Link & Chris Adams vs One Man Gang & Savannah Jack (After the match, Skandor Akbar berates Savannah Jack, calling him “boy”
and Devastation Inc attacks Jack, turning him face)
Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts vs Ted Dibiase & Terry Taylor (Country Whippin’ strap match – This is a great example of the brilliance of
Bill Watts when it comes to booking heels. He has Hayes & Roberts job cleanly to Dibiase & Taylor here, as they should. But after the match,
Hayes runs Taylor into the guardrail, knocking him down. At the same time, in the ring, Dibiase has pulled out his black glove and is going after
Gordy. Hayes jumps in the ring and hits Dibiase from behind. They steal his black glove and then KO him with it. Brilliant! The heels lay down
for the 1-2-3 and then get their heat back in an intelligent way so everybody ends up looking good.)

Universal Wrestling Federation 10/25/86
Buddy Roberts vs Ken Massey
Savannah Jack being attacked by One Man Gang & Leroy Brown, 10/18/86
Recap of Country Whippin’ Match, 10/18/86
One Man Gang & Leroy Brown vs Joe Savoldi & Jeff Raitz
Announcement of PWI/UWF Tournament
UWF Top 10 Rankings
Iceman Parsons vs Gustavo Mendoza
Fantastics vs John Tatum & Jack Victory (Second of the three title matches – Eddie Gilbert comes out and gives Missy Hyatt some roses,
distracting Tatum, leading to him getting pinned. Missy tries to leave with Gilbert but Tatum stops her and then he gets destroyed by Sting,
Gilbert & Rick Steiner. Missy then nails him with her purse, busting him open)
Terry Gordy vs Hacksaw (time runs out before the match)

Universal Wrestling Federation 11/1/86
Gary Young vs Art Crews
Savannah Jack vs The Libyan (Before the match, Buddy Landel comes out and challenges Savannah Jack and eats a superkick for his trouble)
Dark Journey Given Flowers for WFIA Award
Terry Gordy vs Ted Dibiase, 10/17/86 (Cage – Last 2 min shown – Famous angle where Dibiase appears to win the UWF title from Gordy in
Houston. The title is later returned, however, since Dibiase never actually signed a contract for the match.)
Interviews w/Hayes, Gordy & Dibiase
Terry Taylor & Iceman Parsons vs Buddy Landel & Jack Victory
Eddie Gilbert vs John Tatum (Dark Journey comes out & attacks Missy Hyatt; Eddie makes the save then KOs Dark Journey with Missy’s
purse. They then dump her into the ring and spray yellow paint on her. John Tatum sees all this going on but, to confirm that he’s still a heel
despite the feud with Gilbert, walks out without helping Dark Journey.)
One Man Gan, Leroy Brown & Bill Irwin vs Hacksaw Duggan, Chris Adams & Missing Link (Link is missing because of the attack on Dark
Journey, so it’s 2 vs 3 until he comes out late in the match and all hell breaks loose.)
Universal Wrestling Federation 11/8/86
Sting & Rick Steiner vs Iceman Parsons & Chavo Guerrero
The Freebirds introduce Sunshine as their valet
Angel of Death vs Gary Young (Angel of Death’s debut)
UWF Top 10 Rankings
Buddy Roberts vs Joe Savoldi (After the match, Buddy Roberts challenges Terry Taylor, who had been at ringside. He ends up getting KOed
for his trouble)
Fantastics vs John Tatum & Jack Victory (Tatum & Victory win the UWF tag titles)
Terry Taylor vs Buddy Roberts (Roberts gives Taylor a nice faceburn by rubbing his face into the mat)

Universal Wrestling Federation 11/15/86
Steve Williams, Ted Dibiase & Terry Taylor vs Freebirds (Elimination tag – Terry Gordy’s arm gets injured)
Sting & Rick Steiner vs Missing Link & Joe Savoldi (Missing Link ends up getting triple-teamed and spray painted yellow)
One Man Gang vs Terry Gordy (No Match – Gordy’s injured, so Michael Hayes won’t let him wrestle. OMG is given the belt.)
Buddy Roberts vs Savannah Jack (Jack wins the UWF TV title)
Bill Irwin & Leroy Brown vs John Tatum & Jack Victory (Irwin & Brown win the UWF tag titels in what is basically a squash, just destroying
Chavo Guerrero vs Buddy Landel (Jack Victory runs out and assists Landel to victory)
One Man Gang vs Hacksaw Duggan (Cage – TV time runs out after Duggan gets jumped before the match.)

Universal Wrestling Federation 11/22/86
One Man Gang vs Terry Gordy, 11/15/86
One Man Gang vs Hacksaw Duggan, 11/15/86
One Man Gang vs Jeff Raitz
Bill Irwin & Leroy Brown vs John Tatum & Jack Victory, 11/15/86
Bill Irwin & Leroy Brown vs Gary Young & Joe Savoldi
Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams video “Living in America”
Savannah Jack vs Buddy Roberts, 11/15/86
Savannah Jack vs Art Crews
Fantastics vs Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts (No match – Angel of Death runs in and they destroy the Fantastics)
Chavo Guerrero vs Buddy Landel, 11/15/86 (Last 2 min – Jack Victory comes in an KOs Chavo)
Jack Victory vs Bobby Perez
Hacksaw Duggan vs The Libyan
Sting & Rick Steiner vs Terry Taylor & Chavo Guerrero (No match – Missing Link & Dark Journey come out so Sting, Steiner & Eddie
Gilbert all get up and walk out)
Steve Williams given PWI “Most Improved Wrestler” awawar at University of Oklahoma, 11/8/86

Universal Wrestling Federation 11/29/86
Hacksaw Duggan & Terry Taylor vs Art Crews & Gustavo Mendoza
Fantastics vs Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts, UWF, 11/22/86 (Hayes & Roberts jump the Fants before the match and destroy them, for
which they get fined)
Savannah Jack vs The Libyan
Video Report: UWF Donats to Arkansas Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial
Chavo Guerrero vs John Tatum
Rick Steiner vs Ken Massey (Supposed to be Eddie Gilbert instead of Rick Steiner but Gilbert is “blind” from an attack by Dark Journey and
Missing Link)
Steve Williams vs Sting (PWI Tournament)
One Man Gang vs Ted Dibiase, PPW, 11/22/86 (JIP – Famous clean pinfall job by Dibiase)
One Man Gang vs Jeff Gaylord (PWI Tournament)
Bill Irwin vs Gary Young

Universal Wrestling Federation 12/6/86
The Fantastics vs Gustavo Mendoza & Art Crews (Tatum & Victory jump the Fantastics)
Missing Link w/Dark Journey vs Rick Steiner(a decidedly not blind Eddie Gilbert attacks Link with a chair)
Angel of Death vs. Savannah Jack
Michael Hayes w/Sunshine vs. Gary Young
UWF Top 10
Jeff Gaylord & Ken Massey vs Wild Bill Irwin & Leroy Brown w/Skandar Ackbar
John Tatum & Jack Victory vs. Iceman Parsons & Chavo Guerrero

Universal Wrestling Federation 12/13/86
Hacksaw Duggan & Terry Taylor vs The Libyan & Bobby Perez
Announcement of John Tatum’s Car Wreck (Jack Victory gets Mike George to take his place)
Eli the Eliminator vs Ken Massey
One Man Gang & Bill Irwin vs Brett Sawyer & Jeff Gaylord
Bill Watts Announcing First Blood Bunkhouse Brawls
Savannah Jack vs Buddy Roberts (Michael Hayes comes down to ringside with a jar of hair removal cream but is then too scared to get into
the ring to use it)
Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams video “Living in America”
Chavo Guerrero vs Art Crews
Video Recap: Eddie Gilbert’s “Blindness”
Fantastics & Missing Link vs Sting, Rick Steiner & Eddie Gilbert (TV Time Runs Out)

Universal Wrestling Federation 12/20/86
Savannah Jack vs Buddy Roberts, 12/13/86 (Finish only – Michael Hayes comes out with a jar of cream but runs off without doing anything)
Recape of UWF title situation (lots of clips shown)
Fantastics vs Jack Victory & Mike George, PPW, 12/20/86 (Ends up turning into a 6-man with Chavo Guerrero & Art Crews)
UWF Video Highlights
One Man Gang vs Hacksaw Duggan vs Buddy Roberts brawl, PPW, 12/13/86 (Good stuff – all three guys hate each other, so we get a
three-way brawl with the guys all attacking each other)
A visit from “Santa Saw”
One Man Gang vs Hacksaw Duggan (Tons of run-ins…)
A video Christmas Carol

Universal Wrestling Federation 12/27/86
Mike George w/Jack Victory vs Brickhouse Brown
Sting & Rick Steiner w/Eddie Gilbert vs Hacksaw Duggan & Terry Taylor
UWF Top 10
Gustavo Mendoza vs Steve Williams
Gary Young & Ken Massey vs Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts w/Sunshine (Fantastics do a run in and piledrive Buddy Jack)
The Fantastics call out the Freebirds and Devistation Inc. Hayes sends Angel of Death in and it quickly turns into a three on two with Hayes &
One Man Gang vs Hacksaw Duggan vs Buddy Roberts brawl, PPW, 12/13/86
One Man Gang vs Bobby Perez
Missing Link w/Dark Journey & Iceman Parsons vs. The Libyan & Art Crews

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