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MJF Reacts To Cody Rhodes Getting Heat From AEW Fans For Recent Comments

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Below are some top WWE & AEW news stories of the day, involving MJF, Cody Rhodes and Kurt Angle.

• During an interview with Michael Kay and Peter Rosenberg on the YES Network, Cody Rhodes shared his thoughts on AEW World Champion MJF’s potential move to WWE.

“I think one day you will see MJF in WWE”, Rhodes stated, acknowledging their shared history and the role he played in MJF’s early career, having recruited him.

Rhodes commended MJF’s professionalism and noted the physical transformation the young star underwent over the last year and a half, praising him for adding muscle to his frame.

On the SI Media podcast, MJF had the following to say about Cody’s comments:

“I don’t know why, I saw fans absolutely sh*tting on him when all he was saying was his opinion. It’s an opinion. I pray to god I don’t get lambasted online for some of the opinions I’m doing in this interview. I just feel like everything’s so radicalized now and hyperbolic now. That’s why, there’s certain aspects about social media I love. I think it brings people of the same like-mindedness together. I think it allows people to find their own communities.

But what I hate about some of the social media, I find that hate-mongering and fear-mongering is the stuff that gets pushed the most. It’s because of this sensationalist stuff that people start believing in the sensationalized stuff and the hyperbolic stuff. I can’t relate to it. I’m a straight shooter. I say it like it is 110% of the time.

Cody Rhodes felt that way. In Cody Rhodes’ mind and opinion, that was his way of putting over a friend, a prodigy, a former coworker, former protege. I guess I shouldn’t say former. I still talk to Cody to this day. He’s a great guy. He’s doing great things over there, I’m doing great things over here.

We text each other all the time. He puts me over, I put him over. We’re both fans of each other’s work. We’re both incredible at our jobs; we’re both on top of the industry.

I’ll put it his way. If you’re a fan of professional sports in general, an All-Star player like, for example, Kobe Bryant, RIP, was the bedrock foundation of the Lakers. You think he wasn’t doing interviews while LeBron was in the league, saying, ‘God, I wish LeBron James was playing here?’ I’m sure if we Google it, he was, and probably consistently throughout his career.

Listen, it’s normal. Of course we want MJF in our company. Who the f**k wouldn’t want me in their company? I’m the best thing going today. I’m the AEW World Champion. Nobody dresses like me, nobody talks like me, nobody looks like me, nobody walks like me, nobody wrestles like me.

I take it as a compliment, and I think the AEW fans should take it as a compliment too because that means that their World Champion, the face of their company, is a hot commodity. So that’s the only way I feel it should be looked at.”

• WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle finds himself immortalized in a viral TikTok video turned reaction meme.

The video showcases Angle’s bewildered thousand-yard stare, becoming a popular template for memes across social media.

Angle expressed his surprise on his podcast, acknowledging the oddity of the face in the video but embracing the humor as he becomes the unintentional punchline in various online jokes and memes.

Here’s what the former WWF Champion said:

“I don’t know why. Like, I know that that video. It’s kind of a weird-looking face, but for some strange reason everybody caught on and wanted to throw out some memes and I was the butt of the joke, I guess.”

You can watch one such meme below:

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