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MMA Fighter Signs With WWE, CM Punk Blacklisted From New Undertaker Magazine, Vince Russo Claims He Can Save WWE

– According to latest reports, MMA Fighter Seth Petruzelli has signed a contract with WWE and he’ll be working there as the striking coach at the WWE Performance Center. He’s signed to a 3 day per week work contract.

– It should be noted that the new “Undertaker: 25 Years of The Deadman” magazine has no mention of former WWE Champion CM Punk at all. CM Punk being a part of Undertaker’s WrestleMania record has been completely ignored.

– Vince Russo noted that he recently contacted Vince McMahon and claimed that he can save WWE. Below is what he wrote:
“Late last night . . . I reached out to Vince McMahon again. Even though I know that is wrong on so many levels . . . it’s what my heart told me to do. In the past, that olive branch would have been motivated by the need of money—in order to support my family—but, I can tell you that isn’t the case now. Currently, through the hard work of everybody involved, thank God, THE BRAND continues to grow, and with help from other outside projects I am close to being able to pay my bills without taking much from what’s left of my savings. In conjunction with that, I feel I have a real opportunity at I Heart Radio at the moment—one I’m really excited about.

It’s really hard to understand what “ego” entails unless you’ve been in the wrestling business. The level of egotistical human beings I have worked with in the past is something that a regular, blue collar guy, or gal, would never understand. In a business that is dominated by me, myself and I—Vince is no different. I have never heard Vince McMahon publicly put anybody else over, not a talent, not an office worker, no one. On top of that, when it’s time to give someone else credit for the share of success they contributed to his business . . . it’s usually a kill and burial—the ego just won’t allow that. But still—I understand–it’s part of what I signed up for.

When I get past all that, however, what I see is a man I dearly once loved, and now feel a bit sorry for. Vince is now 70, and there is no doubt he is still working 70 hours days. Those that work for him fear him, they strive for his approval, not the approval of the only thing that matters . . . the audience. With that type of a structure in place, to this day everything weighs heavily on his shoulders . . . and comes down to him. At 70—I wouldn’t want any part of that pressure. It would be too much for anybody.

And, that is why I once again reached out to Vince last night. I have always been here. I have always keep my eye on the product. I know what it once was . . .and I know what it now is. I’ll always want to help him . . . that is me . . . that is my make-up. . . that is my heart. And, if Vince doesn’t want any help, mine, or anybody else’s simply out of pride . . . that is understandable, but, through God I have learned over the years . . . we can’t do it here alone . . . that’s why others were put into our lives.”

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